Whats Up With LG G5

Hello tech lovy folks! Are you all set to welcome new technologies in the coming year?? The coming year 2015 has planned to give you more amazement with all new techs and smartphones. You are going to enjoy a widening of tech market and multiplicity of options to pick your smart phones from!! Doesn’t that sound exciting ?? But we understand that somewhere it makes the situation confusing for you as to what to choose from so many smart phones? Which one can satisfy your need to the fullest?
But you know you can always rely on us for this task of helping you out and telling you more about the upcoming technologies. As we said earlier also 2015 is all packed with new technologies and Samsung’s S7, Note 5, LG’s G5 are among the much awaited smart phones . These days tech world is flooded with rumors of  these smart phones. We along with tech experts and tech lovers, also feel that tech market is soon going to be revolutionized.


According to the rumors, LG’s G5 is also in row to be released in the coming year. There is as of no news or update regarding LG G5 but we will try to update you on the basis of information we have been able to gather. After all, rumors never fail to give us a glimpse of whats happening within the firm..!!

So let’s try and see what tech gurus and rumors are saying about the features LG G5 is going to offer..!!


– It will be offering you a wider display according to what tech gurus and rumors have been saying. If a phone is taking an advanced step ahead , display is the first thing that should be worked on.
– An enhanced battery is also expected from the advanced LG G series, namely G5. There is no surity about it but tech experts are sure of 4000 mAh of battery minimum.
– Oh yes! One more benefit is lined up for you.. that is the availability of the ultra power saving mode in LG G5. Now no more tension regarding emergency battery power.
– Memory is expected to present before us in two variant like its immediate predecessor , that is 32GB and 64 GB that too with a provision of expandability.
– Camera is also expected to enhance and you might get the unprecedented clarity experience .
– Now your smart phone is going to be guarded by water and dust proof technology. So now you can finally use your phone carefree.

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Excited to have it in your hands and enjoy the experience ?? So let’s see when can you grab it and how much penny would you need to put out of your pocket to replace it by LG G5???

* Expected Date of release and price :

This news might make you feel down because you might have to wait for a year to grab LG G5. Its expected release date is likely to fall in the last quarter of 2015 .
And the price you will have to pay For it would be ranging from Rs. 60,000 to 75,000.

Till then keep your excitement up and hold your patience! And of course stay connected for more updates !!

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