What to Wear when Going to an Audition

The first thing that is judged when you enter a room for your audition is not the monologue you have carefully memorized or the song you have been working on very hard to perfect, but it is your physical appearance, how you look or how you act the moment you enter the audition room.

What you are currently wearing and how you handle yourself can either open the door for your success or cost you a valuable job, even before you say your first word for your song or monologue. That is why choosing what clothes to wear is as important as memorizing you monologue piece.

The big question is, what is the best attire to wear when you are doing an audition? We checked with professional auditioning companies to ask this question. All of them offered their advice on the proper attire when having a tryout. These companies are composed of popular production companies that produce theatre plays and outdoor dramas.

All of them has the same advice when it comes to physical appearance and clothing. Here are some of their suggestions in case your next audition, along with a few pointers, tips, and tricks. You can also check acting courses like

Think of the auditions as a job interview

According to famous director Joe Clark, the theatre is called “show business” not “show art.” His tips to people who wants to audition is to dress like you are going for a job interview for your dream job in a respectable company because, in the first place, you are dreaming of being a successful acting career and you are being “interviewed” by people in the show business industry that can help you achieve your goals.

Auditionees need to understand that their choice in clothing, as well as their demeanor, are being observed by the casting people throughout the audition process. Callbacks and auditions are job interviews from the moment you arrive at the area to the time you leave the place. Don’t forget to behave and look professional. There’s no telling if someone is watching you every second you are in the location of the interview.

Focus more on the audition, not on the clothes

There are times that the auditionees focused more on the clothes they wear to stand out from other auditionees, rather than the audition itself. But the truth is, most company representatives, casting directors, or casting agents look at your audition piece, not the clothes you wear.

The audition should be the main highlight. Most representative like it when they don’t notice the actor’s clothes because they are too focused on the performance, they want to see if the actors have the ability to relax their body and be flexible. They also look at how you choose your audition piece and how you deliver them.

A lot of representatives also discourages, auditionees to wear distracting clothes, clothes that will be between them and their ability to know who you are. Casting directors and agents want to see what the auditionees are made of, who they are, if they’re going to work with their company.

You need to know your main goals for the audition. Let the clothes you wear reflect them

During unified auditions where some companies are performing an audition for their production, at the same time, people who are auditioning need to spend some time to think carefully before picking the clothes they will wear. Auditionees should determine beforehand what their goals are when joining this group audition. Are they looking for any job or are they looking for a specific role?

For example, if you are auditioning for the play “Rock of Ages, wearing jeans, band shirts, and sporting pony-tailed hair would be enough. You need to be strategic in your decisions and understand the consequences of it. You also need to know your audience and know what they want or what they are looking for in auditionees.

If you are auditioning for a kid’s play, it is not ideal to show off a lot of skin and wear skimpy outfits, but it may attract producers or agents that are looking for people who want to be part in their mature content.

Choose clothes that will show your strengths

A lot of agents tell auditionees not to be obsessed with what they think auditions looks like. You need to wear something that will look good on you, something that will complement your body shape and silhouette. Something you are comfortable walking in or wearing. Agents and companies want to see you on your good day. The tip is to wear the best clothes that will show who you are, “dress to impress.” But it does not mean that you need to break the bank for an audition attire. Just find the dress that suits your body type.

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