Welcoming Sony Xperia Z5

Welcome 2015! A new technological year. Hello all tech lovers we have stepped in a new year which is going to shine more than the last one in terms of technology and smart phones.  Rumors of the technologies that are to be released in this year that started previous year only are the proof of a shining tech future. Every company is giving its hundred percent in order to land with the most distinctive technology of the year.  Take the example of Samsung who is working hard on its upcoming S6 and S7 , Apple’s iPhone 7 and in our case Sony’s Xperia Z4 and Z5.

Sony xperia Z5

Sony has always kept itself updated and has always brought some new smartphone time to time. These days tech world is filled with rumors of Sony xperia Z4 and Z5 which according to the rumors are going to set new bench marks in the tech market. So come..let’s see what is that Sony xperia Z5 planning to offer you!!


Enlarged RAM – Sony xperia Z5 is going to offer you an enlarged RAM of 4GB. This larged RAM might squeeze your burden of doing all your work on laptop or desktop.  This is going to be a huge gift For those who have to work and roam together. Now they would not have to carry their laptops everywhere.

An Amazing display – In a smart phone , if you have all the features very amazing ones except screen it might act as a spoiler that Sony certainly doesn’t want to happen. Hence Sony xperia Z5 is coming with an amazing display of 5 inches.

FAST PACED PROCESSOR – Processor is another very important need of a smart phone user. If that is slow , there is no fun of using a smartphone.  Therefore , Sony Xperia Z5 is going to have a processes which shall be having a faster speed i.e. of 3GHz.

ROCKING CAMERA – Today’s tech loving generation constitutes a major population of good photographers or who just love capturing every moment of their lives. So for those Sony is planning to come with a super rocking rotator camera of 27MP.

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MASSIVE STORAGE CAPACITY – Cheer up people ! now you are free to save as much data as you want because Sony Xperia Z5 is going to offer you a massive storage house. You are likely to get a 128 GB of on – board memory. What could be more amazing than this!!

GETTING IMMUNITY SYSTEM – Wondering what is it about?? your immunity system?? No no, we are not taking about your immunity system . Like you need an immunity system, your smartphone also needs the same. Sony xperia Z5 is probably going to be immune against water , dust and shock.  Now use your phone without worrying for it.

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FASTER CHARGE UP is another feature which you are likely to experience in Sony Xperia Z5.

Want to know more about when will you get to experience it?? Scroll down!


Sadly Sony is yet to declare its official releasing date , though its not that difficult to gauge its tentative release date. We know Sony releases its two smart phones every year and same expectations are there with 2015.
In 2015 Sony is expected to release its Xperia Z4 in the month of March and Xperia Z5 may be released in September 2015.

And as of now there is no information or detail regarding its price but we should remember that its not going to reach us in low budget but it will be worthy enough.

Let’s have patience and wait together for it.

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