Water Closet And its Use

A water closet is a ceramic sanitary ware product which is mainly used as a toilet. These toilets are very hygienic and at the same time, they are very easy to clean as well. The toilets that are mainly designed to sit and use are named as thus water closets.

One can easily buy water closet online but before doing that one should know that the sitting height of those closets are at least 16 inches from the ground and one needs to check them before buying. These water closets will be mainly attached to the tank so that it can easily flush out the waste. The tanks of these closets can be made from plastic or ceramics. There is also a plastic seat cover that is attached to the closet. These seat covers are mainly made from polyurethane or polypropylene.

Water closets are when put up, they are directly connected to the drainage system by using a rubber water gasket and they can be fixed in the floor or the walls by using fittings. Then the water tank will be connected to the tank by using a plastic pipe. Also, the water tank will be connected to the pipe line. So, when someone flushes, then the water will be flushed out through the drainage system and it will be re filled in the tank again by using the pope line. There is a float switch which is available in the tank that is used to maintain the water level. These tanks capacities are more likely from 6 to 10 litres.

Sanitary ware industries manufacture these closets and the materials that are mainly used to produce these are feldspar, clay and sand. Once the design is made, it is dried and then the required colour glaze is applied on it. Then the piece is sent for firing and once the firing is done, the toilet will be tested and packed properly.

Here are the accessories and fittings that come with a water closet:

  • Fitted seat covers.
  • Wall mount or floor mount fittings
  • Flushing mechanism with tank
  • Water Gasket

There are actually various designs when it comes to water closets. They are:

  • One piece water closets.
  • Standard water closets.
  • Two piece water closets.

How to check the quality of water closets?

Once the water closet is produced they always go under some quality checks. They need to pass those tests and the very first one among them is the flush test. If they are done properly then one needs to go for a toilet paper test where the closet will be filled with water to the normal level and then charged with some pieces of toilet paper to see if they can discharge the full paper or not. Then the closet has to go through the holding capacity test. They are scaled up to the vent with water and see whether it is capable of holding water or not.

One can easily buy a western closet as they are easier to use.

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