Various Types of Horse Insurance

If you own a horse, you know how big an investment horse ownership can be. While horses are beautiful, docile creatures that can become friends, they can also become sick and die. They can injure someone or injure themselves. Similar to human insurance policies, you can take out horse insurance policies to cover your four-legged friend. Each policy has its own set of terms, conditions and requirements based on the type of coverage you’re looking for. Here are a few types of coverage you can get to protect you and your horse.

Horse Insurance
Horse Insurance

Medical and Surgical

You can take out a major medical insurance policy on your horse that works like human health insurance, helping to offset the costs of visits to the veterinarian. Surgical insurance helps cover the cost of any major surgeries your horse may need.

Loss of Use and Infertility

Loss of use insurance will pay you a percentage of your horse’s insured value if your horse becomes injured or disabled and permanently unable to perform the task, or tasks, it was purchased for. If you breed your stallions and mares and one becomes infertile, a breeding infertility policy can compensate you for that loss.

Specified Perils or Death

Specified perils coverage protects your horse in the event of death, injury or theft caused by a number of specific perils listed in your policy. This can include things like attacks by wild animals, fire, lightning, earthquakes or drowning. Mortality insurance will pay you if your horse dies from a policy-covered accident, injury, illness or disease.

If you’re a horse owner, you most likely view your horse as part of your family and want the best for it. If your horse becomes injured or requires surgery or hospitalization, horse insurance allows you to have peace of mind knowing you have coverage for any major medical bills.

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