UPVC windows insulated glazing- maintain everlasting shine on windows

With an aim to set an advanced window culture, smart homeowners invest in insulated double glazed UPVC windows to keep their homes quieter and temperature-controlled. This insulation system works as two sheets of glass panes in a window separated by vacuum with a gap to create insulating barrier that maintains the constant internal temperature of a house. Are you still in doubt? Well! The following list of UPVC window’s benefits will certainly convince you to go for it.

UPVC windows insulated glazing

What is UPVC window?

UPVC is a polyvinyl chloride polymer chemical used in windows to resist almost all kinds of corrosion either electrochemical or chemical in nature. However, different stabilizers and additives are also used to make the material suitable for use as a window. Their quality insulation guarantees higher level of comfort.

How do UPVC windows benefit your house?

Enhance energy efficiency

When we talk about energy efficiency, considering the frame and glass unit of a window is important. UPVC does not conduct heat and significantly enhances the thermal performance of the windows. With insulated double glazing on the window the vacuum between the glass panes acts like a solar panel. This helps your home retain the required heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. UPVC windows prevent the heat and energy loss that usually happens with conventional standard window frames. So, it not only helps you to save money on your energy bills but also reduces the carbon footprint. The combination of insulated glazing and UPVC frames contributes to higher energy-efficient windows.

Have weather-resistant properties

Wood material has a tendency to swell during the damp weather. And this in due course rots and destroys the window frames. Rotten window frames can be extremely dangerous especially if the glass tends to become loose in the frame. However, with UPVC window frames, moisture cannot penetrate the surface of the window frames because such frames are weather-proof. Also because of their non-corrosive properties, the frames will neither rot nor rust and will not allow the damp and cold enter the house. So, you can rest assured that any extreme weather condition can never destroy the look and feel of your beautiful house.

Wind and fire resistance

UPVC window system can withstand wind pressure of approximately 2400PA (roughly, 230 km per hour). This makes them ideal for buildings close to sea, where the window frames are constantly exposed to winds, salty water and heavy rain.
Similarly, UPVC materials are self-extinguishers and do not support combustion. Most importantly, the materials will never cause, enhance or support the development of fire.

Negligible maintenance

UPVC windows do not require frequent painting, varnishing and sanding like the wooden window frames. They simply need occasional cleaning with soapy water and therefore ensure minimal maintenance costs. Moreover, the UPVC frames do not decay or rot even in coastal and tropical climate.

They are long-lasting

With their excellent inherent properties, UPVC materials are much more durable and do not alter under extreme weathering. The window frames assure at least 10 years of guarantee and perfectly work for you.

Ensure tight security

These windows are manufactured with an aim to offer greater rigidity and strength, thereby improving the security of your home. The exclusive double seal mechanism along with multi point lock system makes the window rightly sealed and secured from intrusion. Such mechanisms also help in reducing energy loss.

Eco-friendly in nature

UPVC profiles are totally recyclable because they contain Greenline Calcium Zinc. As they minimize the amount of heat that escapes from the home, UPVC materials help in reducing the carbon footprint on our dear earth. Also the energy used for the extrusion process is fairly low compared to other materials.

Insulated double glazing UPVC windows are the ultimate home improvement investment. They not only benefit your home but also add value to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

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