Trains journeys are easy and affordable

Traveling by train is the easiest mode of traveling when one decides to travel from one place to another within India. One can travel from one place to another easily because almost every part of this country is connected by Indian Railways. Being the third largest railways network all over the world this one has plenty of trains running everyday joining different corners of the country.

Why train journeys are easily accessible? Because they are easily affordable as well. Tickets for long journeys are not highly priced and hence most people manage to buy train tickets and travel by them. Apart from these buying train tickets have also become really easy these days. One just has to log into the IRCTC which is the official website of the Indian Railways and then check the trains that are available on their date of journey to their destination and according to that they can book their tickets depending on the available number of seats. This entire process does not take a lot of time as online one can book tickets within a few minutes and pay for it through credit cards or online transaction systems. If one wants the can also cancel their tickets if something urgent comes up. One must remember that cancelling can also be done and for that one has to pay a minimum amount of cancellation charge and the amount of it also depends on the number of days gap in between the day of cancellation and the day of journey.

Indian Railways have brought a lot of changes in their system in the last few years. They have also added some additional services which were not there previously. They have also taken care of regular things like digitizing the train time tables (so that one can check the arrival and departure of trains online). Not only that one can also spot their trains on their Google maps if the train is running late.

One can also book their food online of they have plans of traveling by train in near future. Yes, this can be done as well. Food On Train is also available in trains which have running pantry cars in them but not every train has that. Till a few years back one had to carry food from home or they had to buy it from vendors in the stations where the train stops but not anymore. This is because there is a e catering service provided by the Indian Railways. One can log in to the site and then check the menu and food available there. One needs to select the station from where they want to get their food delivered to their seat. Once the station is chosen the site will open up the list of available vendors and menus which are available in that particular station. One can choose food items from that list and then order food. Their food will be served on the given date and the given berth number without fail.

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