Top Six Trends of Email Marketing are here to stay for long!

Over the years, email as marketing medium has evolved a lot. Every year we come across with top trends in email marketing, and yes some of them are carried forward every year. These are some of the changes and developments, which are positioned by the great thinkers, influencer and pioneers in email marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends of email marketing are here to stay for many more years to come.

1. Build Clean and Strong Email List

Every successful email campaigns are driven by the clean and strong email lists. So start gathering email addresses from your existing customers and other prospects. Building a strong email list helps you to choose the email subscribers whom you think are interested in products and services. Neatly segmented email lists helps you to address, target your customers and prospects in their preferred and personalised tone of email message.

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2. Segment Your Email List

Once you create an email list for your email marketing strategy, make sure you also get it segmented. Building a relevant and segmented email list maybe time consuming but it helps you to get the maximum ROI. Email segmentation enables you to separate your list according to the consumers’ demographics, lifestyle and buying behaviour patterns, so you can create content and offers most likely to generate responses. Segment your email database to send customer specific and personalised messages followed by maximum open rates, increase CTR to your product sites, and minimal opt-outs and un-subscribers.

3. Interactive and Animated Email Messages

Few of the leading email marketers has already started sending an interactive email messages along with innovative or animated email templates. Skilled designers and killer email content can easily push email campaigns beyond its limit like creating carousel elements with catchy tab titles and other interactive features in their email messages. Moreover, even microsites in the email messages are getting positive reviews from the marketers as well as the email subscribers. Apart from the interactive email content and innovative email templates, videos and animations are also getting popular in email campaigns. By including videos and animations in the email content it also increases the possibilities of actionable results from the subscribers.

4. Extreme Personalization

Personalization in email marketing has come a long way with plenty of email platforms having Omni-channel Marketing options. With all relevant email marketing strategies integrated messaging activities is driven by subscribers’ profile. Complete customer information along with the segmentations will make email marketing communication more relevant as it’s sending out an email to the right person and right content. Personalisation is now beyond the knowing subscribers name, location or profession, now along with such basic information you also need know what interest them, their likes and dislikes, and other lifestyle parameters.

5. Email marketing and Marketing Automation Growing Simultaneously

Email marketing and marketing automation continues to grow together either overlapping functionalities with each other or restricting each other. Thus, eventually also gets driven by
Customer’s expectations on which medium they wanted to be communicated including real-time messaging apps like watsapp, facebook, wechat, twitter. There is an extreme growth towards one-on-one target marketing solutions via emails, and other offline adding advanced functionality like never before. Email marketing reflects clear picture, whereas marketing automation still look ambiguous, but thus both are growing simultaneously overlapping each other.

6. Integrate Social Media Buttons

By integrating social media platforms with your email marketing, it can help you to connect with influencer and thus, it encourages social sharing via social media icons. For example, you can ask your subscriber to like your page, follow you on twitter or subscribe your YouTube channel via emails. Moreover your business blogs link it and request your readers to subscribe for your e-newsletters too. You can also request for email sign-ups or email opt-in form on facebook through social media networks, and thus grow your email lists with relevant and high quality customers and prospects.

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Ashly is a Creative writer who focused on Data Appending and Email verification. That helps entrepreneurs with tools and processes to manage their sales and marketing. She writes on behalf of Ampliz, a Data appending Company.

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