Tips to Personalise your Modular Kitchen

The importance that a kitchen holds in your home is undeniable. Even if you aren’t a Gordon Ramsey in the culinary department and your cooking skills extend only to salads and the simple rice and dal meal – making it in a well-designed, neat and orderly space makes a big difference. The modular kitchen design varieties that are available today go a long way in creating a space like this. With their neat storage cabinets and clever mechanisms, these units leave you wanting almost nothing. They are customised to suit your space and your needs and yet have a sleek, uniform finish that allows you to add touches of décor that reflect your personal tastes. We’ve come up with a few easy ways to add a bit of your personality to your modern kitchen.

Modular Kitchen

Add a bit of Green – Depending on the space you have available, you could choose between a tall green plant or smaller pots of succulents and herbs. A tall green indoor plant such as the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ is ideal for an empty space between the fridge and the wall. Encase them in smooth ceramic pots for the best effect. Opt for one that is non-leafy so it adds a bit of green without crowding your space. For smaller spaces, form a colourful arrangement of succulents or a tray of herbs that you could use in your cooling. Coriander, methi, mint and basil are easily grown in pots on your window-sill or balcony.

Interesting Storage – To add a bit of rustic charm to your luxury Italian kitchens, try some authentic Italian ways of décor. For example, they store the garlic that they use by hanging it from a hook in the ceiling. When they are unopened, these pods don’t smell and their shiny white skins intertwined, make for charming décor. For onions – you could even suspend a jute or woven bamboo basket from the ceiling to have them within easy reach. Spices are an integral part of Indian cooking, get a traditional spice box with all the little compartments inside and set it on the counter within easy reach – the presence of the box itself displays a bit of authentic Indian-ness.

Lights and Wall Decor – Several modern kitchens have two different sets of lighting options, smaller lights set flush in the ceiling to provide bright lighting. The other set of lights are typically pendant lights with a lampshade that suits your tastes – they could be sleek copper finished, or casual cane lampshades, brightly coloured metallic shades. These complement the overall colour scheme of your kitchen. Adding different forms of wall décor is a great option. These don’t have to be framed images, you can add a small chalkboard and add a different quote, put up your favourite recipe or reminders. You can also put up show ladles and spoons on the walls in lieu of photographs or pictures.

There are a number of other cost-effective and easy ways to decorate your kitchen and add that unique touch to your modular kitchens. Make it a space that reflects your personality and makes it a comfortable space for you to dish up your meals in.

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