NCERT mathematics book is the basic book which all the students of class 07 CBSE must follow for preparing and understanding the concepts as the CBSE class 07 is the basic class which helps in the foundation for thinking and analyzing the concepts. It helps in analytically solving the problems. The NCERT book consists of the 15 chapters i.e.

  •  Geometry
  •  Rational numbers
  •  Fractions and decimals
  •  Graphical representing equations
  • Integers.

After getting the acquaintance with the syllabus, it will help to secure good marks in the coming exams. It helps you in learning the mathematics techniques which will assist in the future. The students can take help from the NCERT solution book which is a guide to the question book. In the solution book, every question is solved by the experts and with the full explanation and logic to the concepts. 

The CBSE CLASS 7 maths study material should be strictly followed according to the NCERT book and guidelines of the CBSE. Further, the students must keep checking the information regularly on the CBSE official site. The study material can be checked through various sources and students must keep them up updated with the latest information. 

Also, they should start preparing for it at the time of the beginning of the session which will help them

  • To prepare the notes,
  • To understand the concepts effectively,
  • To create an interest in the subject,
  • To understand in which topic they are lacking behind and improvement can be done,
  • To secure good marks.

So, it is essential to practice the subject, as students feel mathematics a complicated subject. As much as the practice is done, it will help to develop a new way of learning and thinking to solve the day to day problems.

The  maths question paper for CBSE  class 07 can be downloaded from the official site of CBSE or can follow the 10-year sample paper which is strict compliance with CBS.

The question paper helps in

  •  Identifying the problems in which they are lacking
  •  Proper management of time to complete the question paper
  •  Revision of the concepts ‘
  •  Understanding of core principles of mathematics
  •  Generating the new method or way to solve the question

These points are the basics tip to crack the exam. Firstly, the students must analyze the syllabus carefully. Secondly, a proper schedule must be fixed to practice maths. As to solve the question, requires more and more practice, which will help to achieve good marks in the exam. The time must be fixed to revise the mathematics daily. Third, choose the right study material which will help to score better. The student must focus on the important chapters who have a high weight age but also understand other concepts that are not important, but they are basic to solve the questions or they are needed in a higher class. Fourth, focus on NCERT books only. The paper pattern will be set accordingly to the NCERT book. So, follow the NCERT book only. 

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