Three Benefits to Going Screen-Free for a Weekend with Your Family

Technology and screen addictions are real things, and they can affect children as much as they affect adults. When you feel that you simply cannot live without your screens, or if you feel you absolutely need a screen to feel happy, then you might be suffering from addiction to these modern marvels of technology.

Weekend with Your Family

In moderation, screens and technology are great things. However, you need to step away once in a while and go screen-free with your loved ones. So, read these benefits to a screen-free weekend, then run the idea past your family.

Give Your Mind a Break from Bright Artificial Lights and Long Walls of Text
Bright lights and lots of text is bad for your eyes. In fact, most people that are constantly in front of a screen find that they eventually need glasses to remedy their deteriorating eyesight. Give your mind, and your eyes, a break.

Zone into the Present with Real-Time Explorations and Adventures to Make Memories with Your Family
Memories with your family are often made in the moment. You can better enjoy and zone into these moments without a screen in your face. You could plan something fun to do, as a family, sans screens.

Go for a nature walk as a family. Lie on the grass and point out the shapes of moving clouds. Have a campfire with ghost stories and smores. Take your youngsters to a farm for kids horse jumps with trained equines. Do something that you think would be memorable and fun to bring your family together. Those smartphones will always be there later.
Show Your Kids that Going Screen-Free Regularly is Important

Like adults, children have become addicted to screens. It’s easy to become addicted when everything is at your fingertips, but screen-free weekends can be beneficial in helping adults and children rediscover hobbies and interests outside of the interwebs.
Put limits on weekend screen time to show your kids that it’s normal and encouraged to go screen-free for a few days. They might fight you at first, but they will calm down and accept it after they’ve been without for a while.

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