The Qualitative Features of the Ketomac Shampoo

Ketomac shampoo is the qualitative agent for cleaning oily hair. The agent has ketoconazole. This is a broad spectrum synthetic fungal component. It is available in the aqueous suspension. The shampoo works by killing the fungus on the skin. The fungal growth is called Malassezia. The fungi will occur naturally over the skin. The agent works by influencing the amalgamation of ergosterol.

This is a perfect component of the kind of fungal cell membrane, and cause weakening of the same. The weakening of the cell membrane will make the fungal cell to cause leakage. In the end, it is properly eliminated.

Working of the Ketomac Agent

Ketomac is the dandruff treatment shampoo. One needs the solution for the treatment and the prevention of dandruff. The shampoo can treat scaling, flaking, and itching. It can help in relieving of the inflammation which happens due to the occurrence of dandruff. One can make use of the ketomac agent for the relieving of the conditions as commented by the dermatologist. The shampoo is a medicine for the hair. It works positively on the scalp and helps you gain relief in the process. There are more things you can know regarding the ketomac agent. This will make you confident in matters of application of the shampoo.

Cleaning the Scalp and the Hair

For the application of the shampoo, you can wet the scalp and the hair properly.  Take the shampoo in a small amount. You can massage the shampoo and create the lather. Retain the shampoo on the scalp for five to ten minutes. Then it is time that you rinse the scalp thoroughly. The perfect applicability of the agent will make the hair look shinny and glowing. The agent comes with lots of advantages for improving the quality of the scalp and the hair.

Process of Application

It is time to purchase the ketomac shampoo and conditioner for dandruff. The application of the shampoo on the scalp should happen twice a week. The application must continue for four weeks. After the perfect clearing of the scalp, you can continue using the shampoo once in week. This will help in the recurrence of dandruff. This is the perfect component for clearing the scalp with the best of intent. However, if you discontinue the process all of a sudden dandruff can reappear and make the scalp feel itchy. Make sure, to apply the shampoo thoroughly following the perfect order.

Side Effects and Precaution

The ketomac agent should be properly stored in a dry and cool place. It should be kept safe from the direct rays of the sunlight. The solution should be kept out of the reach of the kids. The agent is solely for external usage. However, the shampoo can cause irritation to the eyes. Thus, when applying the shampoo the eyes should remain closed. In case of any chemical reaction, you should consult the physician then and there. The agent does not come with serious side effects. However, you should stay careful when making use of the same.

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