The Benefits of Using Professional Fire Hydrant Testing Equipment

As a business owner, you are responsible for the growth and profitability of your organization. You’re also in charge of maintaining a safe workplace. Disasters such as fires can cause tremendous damage and threaten your employees. It’s crucial that the fire hydrants outside of your building are effective and ready for crews to tap into in order to douse the flames. If you’re not sure your hydrants have proper water flow, you need to use some testing equipment to check.

Simple to Use

You may think a fire hydrant flow test requires professional use and would discourage a lay person from handling. However, with the best tests, you don’t need a specially trained person to operate them and get accurate results. One person can administer the test with moderate effort and skill.

Fire Hydrant Testing Equipment


The last thing you want is to get your hands on one of these tests, only to see it fail because of wear and tear or previous overuse. A good test will work as designed for many years. The motor, battery and gears are of high quality.


Have you ever used equipment or tools that annoyed you with a mess or cords and cables? No one wants to fiddle around and get tangled up with additional part and components. You’ll love using hydrant tests because they won’t have these inconveniences. Because they don’t have hoses and cords, you’ll have unlimited reach. You can also recharge the battery as needed.


You may have multiple hydrants on your property, so you’ll have to move the equipment around to various locations. Heavy, cumbersome equipment is frustrating to use, but the best water flow testing gear will weight only about 25 pounds. This makes it easy for just about anyone to transport the equipment to and from several areas of your property and conduct the tests.

Have greater peace of mind that there will be sufficient water flow from your property’s fire hydrants. Use high-quality testing equipment and eliminate your fears.

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