The Application Of Augmented Reality In Retail Sector

Augmented Reality In Retail Sector

Today, machines and electronic devices can perform many operations that are performed by human beings. They use their multiple sensory power modalities such as haptic, visual, and auditory and smell etc and provide information about the objects that are used in day-to-day life. So, augmented reality is such a system that can perform three main functions such as acting interface between virtual and real worlds, recording 3D images of real and virtual objective and enhances interaction between these two worlds. It is a technology that is based on computer vision and using the vision-based algorithms to activate the sensory system. They use the sensors that are based on inputs using the camera of the device.

What is AR technology?

It simply means the mixture of virtual and real objects. So, the image that is captured on the camera, this technology captures these images and also improves it using various tools and additional digital information.  It is known as augmented reality because it is used to enhance something and focuses upon five senses. It comprises of various tools that include glass lenses, OLED that displays the computer-generated images eyes with digital LED, etc. they view the images from the double source.

Applications of AR sector

The technology of augmented reality in retail sector is useful in many ways. Today, this technology is used for commercial uses and it is implemented in places such as communications, education, entertainment, medicine, and the content is used for accessing or viewing the image on different devices using AR techniques. Today, many businesses sell products online and they display their products online to attract several customers at a time.

How it helps in retail sector?

So, this technology is useful for the retailers and users to access their products. Usually, when many people are available in a shop, they cannot try a product easily. For e.g. If the shoe shop is crowded with many people, they cannot try the shoes or check if the size of the shoe fits them properly due to lack of space. But some of the reality sectors who sell this product online are able to resolve this problem. They can allow the customers online to check if the size of the shoe fits them using the LCST Lactose AR technology. Using the AR technology, they computer creates an image using differing sensory system and the exact product size, color, appearance appears on the computer.

The AR in retail sector helps the customers in indentifying the products easily.  The people cannot visualize if the products that are purchased are suitable in the homes. But by combing the two images, the AR technology can reveal that how the object can appear at home. For e.g. If a person wants to buy a flowerpot, the customer is confused the type of flowerpot to buy. So, the Art technology combines the images of the homes, the location where the pot would be placed and the image of the pot. So, the user can know how the object appears at home.

Most of the shoppers want to acquire product information and the price of the product. So, the AR technology allows the customers to use various features, sign in-stores information and pull up information of the product. So, the customers can review the price, options, and price.

So, this technology can provide pleasurable shopping experience to the users.

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