Stellar Content and Your SEO

What better way toward Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than to provide your readers with stellar content? Indeed, if your content rocks their world, there is a good chance that they will leave a comment, share your article and come back to your site. Moreover, they will trust you and may do business with you. Here’s how to produce stellar content that rocks.

Stellar Content and Your SEO

1. Write like a professional. Quite easily you could pull something together off of the top of your head and post it to your website. This isn’t necessarily bad, particularly if you are an expert in your field. Barring that, you need to write content that shines and you may need to interview other experts or cite reputable sources to help you. Never settle for the status quo. Endeavor to write articles that are highly cited.

2. Reach out to your sources. It is always good that when you cover a topic, that you cite the top experts in that field. Even if you are one of the experts, calling on a colleague to provide his or her perspective is invaluable too. That way, you are sharing the knowledge love and producing a cohesive and comprehensive work that will be cited by others.

3. Be original in your content. Never write or rewrite content that has been published before or shared by others. It is tempting to take a press release and slap it on your site, especially if the topic at hand correlates with your subject matter. Go further here by using the press release as a springboard for an article idea. Contact the source, ask for an interview and glean your own perspective from that release.

4. Look for the story behind the story. A press release or other company news can catch the attention of so many. Here, you need to be disciplined by investigating the story further — perhaps by looking for another angle, a side story or a back story to share with your readers. Give your readers something interesting or unusual and they will beat a feet to your website. That makes for excellent SEO too!

5. Write similar content. Never write duplicate content, but do write a series of articles along the same subject lines. That doesn’t mean your articles should appear one after another, but they can give your readers updates to the story you have been following all along. Then, link to your earlier articles and then open those earlier articles to link to your newer articles. Make it easy for your readers to keep up with the topic — internal linking is great SEO.

6. Use related photographs. If you cover a story, then bring a camera with you. You do not need to be a photographer, but you should have a good eye for a picture. Then, include those pictures with your text for SEO. Add captions and include the appropriate keyword dense “alt” tag. Visual statements are important for your readers and can enhance SEO tremendously. Such photos may be among the best local seo tools you can use.

7. Hire a professional. You may not have the talent nor the time to write for your website. Still, fresh content is good SEO. Well written content makes for excellent SEO. Here, you may find yourself needing the assistance of someone else to get the job done. If so, look for a professional freelance writer who understands the topic and can write stellar content.

SEO Matters

With your top notch content powering your site, you can bet that your SEO efforts will win the day. Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing journey, one that does not provide instant results. However, if you stay at it, then you will reap the rewards with greater web visibility and improved business to show for it.

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