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CAT Exam preparation

CAT is one of the popular exams for admission into top management institutes of India, for getting admission into one of these premier institutes one must prepare accordingly. Most of the students start preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test) in their final year of graduation. Going for coaching classes is a good option, but at the same time self-study is very much important, students should work harder on their own. Sometimes people carry lots of books with them when traveling, now times have changed, students can carry their whole study material in their mobile, tablet. It’s the era of digitalization; everything is available on a single platform starting from classroom lectures to mock test.

Studying in mobile applications will help students to take mock test regularly, mobile applications will also help students to track their progress, how they are performing and how much they need to prepare more. Preparing for CAT exam in mobile applications will also help students to stay updated with latest news and events.

CAT preparation applications like Byju’s is one of a kind that is helping a lot of students to prepare for CAT exam as well as to get a seat in India’s prestigious management institutes.

Features of Byju’s CAT Preparation application.

  • Interactive Videos which helps students to stay engaged with the lessons.
  • Regular mock test for CAT examination.
  • Doubt sessions from top CAT trainers, ask any questions anytime and get your answers in few minutes.
  • No more hesitation to ask doubt in a classroom of 300 students

Advantage of preparation with Educational Apps

  • Students can study at their own place in their own pace.
  • In a single classroom students hesitate to ask doubts, but in educational applications like Byju’s students can clear their doubts in a single go via email and phone.
  • No more traveling to coaching centers, traveling to coaching centers eats up plenty of time, this time can be utilized to take rest or to refresh the mind after a long session of study hours.

Prepare your CAT preparation with the best mobile applications to increase your chances of getting a seat in top management institutes of India. You can also study with Byju’s by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

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