Simplest Delhi to Varanasi Train Trip to Save Time and Money

The international airport is located in Delhi that connects many international destinations with India. Thus, you might land in Delhi airport for most of the North Indian trips. How to get to Varanasi from Delhi? Varanasi has airport that serves airplanes from Delhi. You can also reach Varanasi through road too. The cheapest way is to use railways. There are a lot of trains that connects Delhi with Varanasi.
Delhi to Varanasi Train Trip
Train schedule

Neelachal Express, Ndls Dbrg Rjdhn, Ndls Dbrt Special and Kashi Vishwanath Express are the top trains that connect Delhi with Varanasi. Kasi Vishwanath Express is available all throughout the week. Other trains are available only a few days per week.

Super fast train

The normal time taken for train travel between New Delhi and Varanasi is 13 hours and 40 minutes. Shiv Ganga Express connects New Delhi with Manduadih, Varanasi. It is one of the super fast trains in India and is also one of the longest trains in the country. It takes just 12 hours and 30 minutes to reach Varanasi. Its service is available throughout the week with both seating and sleeping arrangements.
It is better to prebook the tickets as you can always see a rush of passengers throughout the year even during the non-peak tourism season. It is considered as the VIP train as it is running fully packed since its first journey in 2002.

Shiv Ganges Express starts by 6:55 PM on day one and reaches Manuduadih on day two at 7 AM. It runs through Kanpur Central (halting time is 5 minutes) and Allajabad Junction (halting time is 25 minutes) on its way to Manuduadih. On the same day, it starts from Manuduadih at 7:30 PM and reaches New Delhi at 8 AM, next day. From Manuduadih, you can reach the nearest airport through train or by road too. You can also hire other transportation services to take you to tourist attractions in the city.

Overcoming the crowd

As stated before, the trains would be overcrowded all throughout the year. The best way to overcome this crowd is to book first class air conditioned coach or second class air conditioned coach. If you are looking for a less expensive version, you can opt for 3 tier AC coach or Chain car AC coach. These are not luxury coaches. They are just clean and are far away from the general coaches thus, you can avoid all the crowds and mess.

It is always better to choose the right train so that you do not land in Varanasi at the middle of night. Choose the train and pre-book it at least a month in prior to your travel date. This would help you to get a reserved ticket. If you want to reduce the hustle, you can book tickets with the help of any reputed travel agency.

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