Samsung : Our Tech Buddy

Hello folks ! We are back with our favourite task of updating our tech buddies with the latest technologies and to-be-releasing smart phones. And when we have to talk about the latest smart phones in the market , how can we skip our very own Korean firm – Samsung!! No!!


2015 is knocking at the door and we are all ready to welcome it…so how can we expect our top notch smart phone manufacturing firms not to welcome them or welcone them empty handed ?? Samsung is all ready to welcome the new year 2015 with its smart phones and phablets upgraded with all new technologies. Its S series as well as note series , both are under upgradation.  Samsung’s S series is going to come up with its new members S6 and S7 in the coming year.

We will be discussing its features , releasing date and expected price subsequently . Before that we will just take a quick run on what S5,the immediate predecessor of S6 and currently in use smart phone , offered to us in terms of features …!


>  A RAM of 2 GB was present in S5
> A gorilla glasses display of 5.3 inches
> A camera of 13 MP and primary camera of 2.2 MP
> A memory of 16 GB with the option of expansion upto 64 GB
> A battery of 2800 mAh
> Quad core 2.5 GHz of processor
>  Dust and scratch resistant technology
> Bluetooth and WiFi supportive

So this was all that you enjoyed in the arena . Now its been a year and technology needs to be upgraded . Also a technology which has a dynamic nature can only survive this tech world and no doubt , Samsung understands this feature very well.

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So now let’s see what the upcoming revolutionary smart phones are planning to offer us !!


> A display of 5.3-5.5 inches with a 3D , 4K resolution is the top most expectation.
> An enhanced RAM of 4 GB is the feature which is considered to be a revolutionary one because it is likely to reduce your dependence on your laptops and now you will be able to do all your office related work on your phone. What could be more relieving than this ! sigh!
> A storage house is going to be in two variants 32 GB and 64GB which can be further expanded up to 128 GB.
> The camera of a smart phone is also going to witness a revolution with primary camera as 30 MP and front camera as 10MP. What could be more revolutionary than this!
> An enhanced battery is going to make your phone smarter than ever before..You are expected to get a battery power of 3900/4000 mAh that too with a faster charging capacity.
> The upcoming smart phones are also going to protect your phone against water and dust with a water and dust proof technologies ! Now use your smart phone without any fear.
> Your upcoming smart phone is going to arrive with the fastest processor ever – 3.5 GHz . And lollipop android .

Are you excited for these upcoming smart phones ??? Wanna know about its date to experience..oh sorry we mean date when you can experience it !!


If we notice its previous dates of release , we can say that Samsung S6 is likely to release in Feb. or march of 2015. Samsung has planned two surprises for you in the coming year . Yes ! the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 is also scheduled for 2015 only . S7 is likely to come out on the ground by the last quarter of the year 2015.

The price that is being expected for smasung’s upcoming smart phones is certainly not going to be less than Rs. 60,000.

So , our tech buddies,hold your excitement and wait happily !!

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