The versatile Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7

Finally Samsung Galaxy S7 is garnering lot of attention. As we all know that S7 needs time to emerge so whatever news and views we are getting is based on rumors. So it will be so early to be excited with seeing the ultimate features and specs.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Release Date

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in the first quarter of 2016 with iPad air 3. As the company has to look into its competition and the main competitor is Apple. There is known fact that that if some consumers of Apple will be unsatisfied would go for the Samsung phones. There is undoubtedly clear plan which has to be in place for the company to maximize on profits. So, first quarter of 2016 will achieve great height after the grand invention after the S6.

Expected Specs for Galaxy S7?

The manufacturer of Samsung Electronics will literally watch the Apple strategy what it is upto then Samsung will be releasing in the market in the first quarter of 2016. Some source reveal that Apple is all set to make appearance in the form of iPhone 7 which has plan to fail the authority of galaxy S6 so, Samsung company left with no option except to rework on their specs for the S7.Check some of the expected specs of S7.

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S7 has decided to compete the laptop as it is including as its specs 4 GB RAM which is really not every Smartphone’s cup of tea to bring such huge belonging..Big space always excites people as it can shed your burden of office work and for a simple reason it will not let you open the laptop.

64 bit Processor

It is saying that Samsung will be the first android smartphone to have the 64bit Exynos processor. To get an improved speed, there will be a 3.5 GHz processing power.

32/64 and 128 GB memory

It is expected to be securing upto 128 GB of internal memory. There is possibility of change as its predecessor S6 is also having the same capacity. It is believed that Samsung Electronics might be joking in case of big internal memory just to fool Apple and other competitors, so lot of excitement.

There are specs Galaxy S7 is having but this is the unique features we have in terms of specs of that the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price:

The phone will be sold at the following prices in different countries.
US: $999
UK: $999
Canada: $999
India: Rs 68,500
Italy: €840
Denmark: 6240 Danish Krone
Australia: AU $ 1,245
Germany: €840
Belgium: €840
South Africa: 11,145 South African Rand
Indonesia: 11,542,264 Indonesian Rupiah
Malaysia: 3,652 Malaysian Ringgit

The specs and price would go hand in hand. Samsung will not indulge in hike of price. If it will be pricey for others then users will conclude from use of the mobile how worthwhile the handset is in terms of specs and other details. Keep checking the site as it is prone to update more regarding flagship. there are rumors of iPhone 8 also

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