Reasons For Disliking Mathematics And Guidelines To Overcome It

Mathematics is the only subject in the world which is disliked the most. Students hate to solve complex maths problem and have a negative attitude towards the subject. They fear the subject and as a result fail to perform well in the exams. Students fail to realize that mathematics as a subject is not limited to solving math questions in the exam. The ability to understand the concept behind solving a particular question helps a student by giving them the power to tackle their real world problems. It tests the logical power and reasoning ability of a student. Students are blinded with the desire to score well in exams and do not see the actual reason for including mathematics as a subject in their curriculum.

 There can be several reasons for disliking the subject and some are listed below:

  1. Students of 8th standard who for the first time in their lives prepare for the board exams find it difficult to solve the problems put forward by the CBSE board. Class 8th maths question papersare filled with complex questions which demands quick calculations on behalf of the students.  Their inability to grasp the concept behind a question and solving it on time can be really discouraging for the students.
  2. Mathematics as a subject requires critical thinking and reasoning instead of their memory which can be really intimidating for the students.
  3. The need to remember important formulas and basic concepts can also make the students dislike the subject. Students who are weak with their memorizing powers may feel anxious at the time of preparation as well as writing an exam.
  4. Parental pressure to score higher grades can also be a major reason for disliking the subject.
  5. Lack of proper guidance can also be a major reason for poor grades in the exams. Students who do not have access to sufficient study material which can help them with their preparation are not able to perform better in exams. Moreover, solving NCERT questions do not guarantee good grades in the exams. Students have to go for certain advanced books and worksheets in order to crack the mathematics exam.
  6. Sometimes students are not able to clear their doubts due to lack of proper attention from the teachers which serve as the backbone for solving a maths problem. This in turn increases their fear and disliking for the subject.

It is important to make students understand the importance and create a sense for liking for the subject. Students can perform well in the exams if they follow the following guidelines:

  1. Regular practice of important questions.
  2. Studying smart by looking for online tutorials and videos which can improve their understanding of the concepts.
  3. Revising important concepts and creating a shortcut like an acronym for learning important formulas.
  4. Parental guidance and support from experienced teachers.
  5. Creating a stress free environment while preparing for exams.
  6. Applying the solutions to real world problems which improve their reasoning skills.
  7. Looking for mathematics class 8 study materials by enrolling oneself in an online course like the one provided by Edusaksham.

There is a need to change the mindset of the students and provide them the required study material which can improve their Performance on one hand and increase their liking for the subject on the other hand.

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