Real Gamers Choose Vinyl Skins For Their PS4

Your PlayStation 4 isn’t just any old gaming console. As the best-selling system that has the biggest selection of top games and the ability to connect with millions of players around the world, it’s the only option for people who consider themselves real gamers like you. Those who aren’t don’t get it, but your friends certainly do. Just like the PS4 that sits in their living rooms, your console is a serious status symbol.

PS 4

Any prized possession worthy of your time and attention needs a little TLC. You wrap your cell phone in a protective covering, just as you tuck your laptop away in a travelling case. Why? Because both of these are valuable pieces of technology that you want to protect and personalize. The PS4 is no different.  It needs something that can enhance its style while preventing scratches and scuffs from ruining its good looks. A travelling case doesn’t make much sense for your console, nor does a covering for your intricate DualShock 4. What you need is something that complements the design and function of your PS4.

Nothing combines both style and performance of the machine than a PS4 skin. PS4 skins are made out flexible pieces of 3M vinyl that adhere to the curves and corners of your system, including the toggles, buttons, and touchpad of your DualShock. Skins are cut to precision so as to provide a snug fit around the intricate pieces of your machine, leaving no room for error. It will never disrupt important venting fans or interfere with your game.

Though it’s thin enough to fit around those analogue toggles, the PS4 skin is a strong and durable material that can stand up to even the roughest game play. And let’s face it, a campaign can get a little rambunctious when there’s a lot on the line. When it does, a PS4 skin stands up to roughhousing and sharp objects, and protects the fragile machine from scuffs, scratches, and gouges. Its vinyl is also waterproof; should any drinks spill or greasy fingers touch your machine, you can easily wipe it clean.

Protection’s more than covered with a skin, so what about style? To be fair, not every PlayStation 4 skin will attract the attention you want. Some online retailers put all of their efforts into making a precise covering and completely forget about the fact that you see your PS4 every day. You can’t have an ugly design making an eye sore out of your status symbol. You need a skin that’s as stylish as it is strong.

As an authority in all things skins, dbrand makes 3M vinyl PS4 controller skins that look as good as they perform. Same as their skins that wrap around the console itself, these controller skins can come in any combination of colors and textures that you want. You can mix and match its pieces until you arrive at a totally unique and amazing design that looks awesome in your hands and on your coffee table (or wherever you keep your PS4!).

All you have to do is go online and explore your options. You might be surprised by what you can create. In no time at all, you’ll arrive at a skin that’s worthy of your machine.

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