Railroad trucks and vehicles – changing the way companies perform their duties and tasks

Human beings are capable of creating certain great things which help in improving their performance and productivity. A task can be performed with greater efficiency and skill using certain machines and equipment which are created by combining engineering and technology.

Railways is conducting to be one of the most important inventions which has completely revolutionized the way people perform certain task like transportation of good and people. Railways as a means of transport helped in faster transportation of goods and people from one place to another easily and at a much faster pace as compared to roadways. However, certain tasks like transportation of bulky goods, inspection of railway tracks, electrification of overhead railway lines and laying of railway tracks required better means of transportation and specially constructed vehicles.

Rail road service truck acts as specially designed vehicle which can be used for performance of various tasks which earlier required manual human effort or was way too time consuming or costly to perform. These vehicles act as a means of performance of special tasks which could not be performed with greater efficiency and speed. There are various types of rail road vehicles which are manufactured for construction, railway, inspection and electrification companies. These can be as follows;

  • Railroad fire trucks and engines
  • Railroad ambulance
  • Concrete mixers and transporters
  • Railroad inspection vehicles
  • Overhead electrification rail vehicles

These vehicles can be customized according to the demands of the company which has placed an order for the same. Moreover, such vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment which help in performance of specific tasks with greater care, speed and skill.  The equipment can be as follows:

  • Accurate gauge calculator:

Gauge refers to distance between two parallel railway lines which must be uniform at all times. Railroad inspection vehicles are equipped with gauge calculating equipment which can be analogue or digital in nature. Inspecting agents can use gauge calculating system which can be laser equipped in order to identify any misalignment between two tracks. Track inspection vehicles are equipped with basic track inspection equipment like ultrasonic flaw detectors, gauge tester and laser measurement system.

  • Hydraulic transmission and pressure sensitive brake system:

Railroad vehicles are equipped with an advanced pressure sensitive brake system which can be used to stop the vehicle at any time in order to avert any kind of danger. Railroad vehicles equipped with hydraulic transmission provides speed and safety at the same time.

  • Accommodation capacity:

Railroad vehicles like rail ambulance, inspection vehicles and fire engines are equipped with necessary accommodation capacities. At least three to four individuals can be accommodated within railroad inspection vehicles. Moreover, the railroad ambulance can accommodate all the necessary personnel like doctors, nurses, patient and their family members for faster transportation of sick individual from one place to another with speed and efficiency.

  • Load capacity:

All the rail road vehicles are equipped with maximum load capacities like am inspection or concrete mixture and transporter can be used to transportation of bulky components and materials. A railroad vehicle can be constructed with different sizes ranging from 1 to 30 tons load capacity.

A company or a client can customize such train road vehicles in order to add greater functionality to the vehicles.

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