Proven Maths Study Tips to Score 90%

Does your brain always get puzzled when you solve tricky math problems? Do you get nervous in exam hall while writing math exam? Yes!  You face these situations because you don’t have a strong grip on the subject, or you haven’t practiced enough. Whether you are preparing for your CBSE class 10 board exam, CBSE class 12 board exam or any other competitive exam, spend some time in reading these proven math study tips to improve your math skills.

Give some time to your concepts

You cannot cram for Maths just the night before an exam date. Maths is all about practice, practice and practice. In other subjects, memorizing paragraphs may scrape you through but memorizing just math formulae and theorems is not enough. With memorization of formulae, you need to understand how to apply those formulas. Understand the concept first, practice problems and solve sample papers to check your preparation for board exams.

Maths Study Tips

Focus on difficult questions more

Just solving all the easy questions at the starting of every chapter is not enough to get good marks. It is important to practice a wide variety of questions, strive through and persist with the challenging questions. Practice CBSE sample papers or solve previous year question paper to get exposed to the most challenging questions that can come in your exams.

Get involved in Maths
Just watching your teacher’s explanation on the board or buying a huge stack of books will not . You need to involve in this subject. Learn, understand and then apply the techniques to your problems. Pay attention to the examples, you will easily understand the concept. Examiners always put some tricks to make your subject hard; you have to practice enough to solve that trick.

Maths is Cumulative

The moment you learn to count, you entered into the world of maths. Maths is cumulative; whatever you solve in a class will be built upon what you have solved in previous years and chapters. Many concepts are there that you learn as you progress in high school will be assumed knowledge for the life. So, the key to success in math is not failing in previous years, if you fail then you are on a shaky foundation for later years.

Be neat and accurate in your exams

Always look at what exactly question is asking you in the exam and the marks allocated to it.  This will get you an idea of what type of answer in how much time is expected. Write neat answers in exam so that examiner gives you bonus points.

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