Need For Medical Video Recording

Medical video recording is a revolutionizing concept and positively affects a doctor and patient interaction. Eliminating the frequency of misconceptions amongst patients and their families, video recordings prove to be a sound way of providing information as well as establishing itself as a medical record. Any form of recording is better than a verbal rendezvous. Hence, the commonly asked redundant questions are also done away with.Here are some of the advantages of medical video recording.
Medical Video Recording

  • Aids in reminding patients of medical information– Often patients cannot remember all the contents of the conversation with the doctor. They tend to get confused, or repeatedly ask redundant questions. To avoid this sort of situations, a video recording handed over to the patient for the referral.
  • Saves the caregiver’s time– For not having to repeat himself, the health care provider gets time enough to spend with other patients, then explain the diagnosis or the treatment plan again to a previous patient. This helps is a more efficient practice for the doctor.
  • Protects in the case of legal issues– The video recording also helps in providing legal protection in case of a false allegation or a case of trumped up malpractice. However, many doctors are understandably worried about tampering of evidence and false framing. This can be avoided if the doctor is the one who has access to the video and eliminates the audio, as it is easier to point out a truncated video than a false audio.
  • Video Records Improve Patient Recall– In cases where the patient cannot remember the details of the former appointment, a video recording is extremely useful. The documentation reminds the doctor and the patient of the recorded medical history and throws light upon the littlest of details that were recorded in the previous appointments.
  • Recording Improves the Quality of Care– It is a logical fact that people are on their best behaviour when they know they are being recorded.In addition, it aids in providing the patient better care as the doctor will pay regards to extra details to avoid any allegations and confrontations. This leads to paying more attention to patient care and avoiding any mistakes, by being that extra bit careful. Recording always needs to the higher quality of the provided health care.

Thus, it can be safely concluded that video records are beneficial to both the doctor and the patient. The video recording of the conversation of the dentist and the patient during his visits benefits both the patient and doctor. It refreshes or enhances the patient’s understanding and memory. This forces better treatment and health care as also improves patient engagement.

The medical video recorder is a recording device that can aid in the capture of such videos. Many medical recorders are available in the market at justified prices and prove to be a valuable aid in clinics and hospitals. Thus, video recording is slowly emerging as a trend in many fields and is of special importance if this concept is inculcated in daily practice in the medical field.

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