Movavi Video Editor as an iMovie for PC Alternative

iMovie is a powerful video editing software designed for Mac computers. It is easy to use and suitable for beginners who have very little experiences in video editing. The problem is that iMovie is not compatible with Windows system. You don’t have to wait for Apple to release a Windows version of iMovie because it probably will not happen in the near future. Instead, you should look for an alternative video editing software that offers similar features to iMovie such as Movavi Video Editor.

Just like iMovie, you can import all kinds of media files into the work area in Movavi Video Editor including photos, audio files, and video. You can start working on editing the video by dragging the video file onto the work area. From the timeline work area, you will be able to trim the video footage. You can increase the speed of the video or add slow motion effect onto the video with Movavi Video Editor.

iMovie for PC Alternative

There are lots of amazing filters you will find in the Movavi Video Editor. You can choose from a variety of stylish transitions to join two different video shots together. The use of transitions in between the video clip can create a better flow of the story. Adding transitions can also help to make the errors in the video less prominent. Some of the different types of transitions you can choose from are pinwheels, and turning page.

Movavi Video Editor works like iMovie for PC and allows you to create your own slideshows by importing the entire folder of photos and arranging them in your preferred sequence. Movavi Video Editor provides an easy to use platform that allows you to create an organized slideshow for all kinds of purposes including sales presentation, celebration, and educational slideshow. You will be able to add animated photos into your slideshows. Various types of sound tracks can be added onto the slideshow. You can create a compelling slideshow in just a few clicks with the Movavi Video Editor.

You can add text such as subtitles and captions to your video. Subtitles are used when you want to let the audience know what the characters are talking in the video. Captions are used as a title to the video or to display the sounds that are created in the video for example telephone ringing. Movavi Video Editor makes it easy for you to share your video creation online by offering the option that allows you to upload the video files directly to the video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can synchronize your audio sound track into the video files.

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The user interface of Movavi Video Editor is not the same as the user interface in iMovie. Despite that, it is easy to navigate around the user interface of Movavi Video Editor and access the video editing features you want in a few clicks. You will get used to its interface after using it for some time. Movavi Video Editor is completely compatible up to Windows 10.

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