More images surfaced of Xperia Z4 LCD panel with specs, likely to be unveiled at IFA event

The very interesting Sony Xperia Z4 is on the verge of concluding all the speculations. Leaks have never been insufficient really for the product. The best part is that we were coming across with similar set of specs in most of the occasions. In addition, cases like official image availability have always been making the topic hotter. Still, things are never over yet. Recently, a new set of snaps for the smartphone’s display have surfaced.

Xperia Z4


Xperia Z4 to be a 5.2 inches product with better resolution:

The pictures have been made available reportedly through a repair house. According to the source, the repair shop got those from the manufacturer of those displays. Never be less demanding, the images have been mated with features of interest as well. Buzz is that the device will be keeping the size of the display intact for the third time in a queue and will be flaunting a 5.2 inches frame, where as it rival LG G4 will come with 5.6 inch display. Making it an enhanced display the device has been mated with a perfect resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

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Falling well in pattern:

Like all those earlier cases, this time as well the pictures fall in tune of the previous incidents at their respective category. These are well according to the official snaps, needless is to say that they look equivalent to those have been surfacing since a considerable period. It makes the fans certainly happier as they can always believe of any news coming for the Xperia line-up device.

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Well, apart from the look the source also talks of its size. Believing the source, the device is going to be having a dimension of 146.3 x 71.9 x 7.2 mm being pretty much the same as of its previous edition. Sony devices have been always thoroughly performing, and if everything fall right in place no wonder would be there to witness the super performer Snapdragon 810 chipset mated with 3 GB RAM. Impressive enough; isn’t it? And, observing the way things have been always coming the way it is speculated for the product to be extremely performing. Still, we should always wait for the official declaration. Interesting to see is that there is no information available regarding the product’s availability as well.

Product to be unveiled at the IFA event:

Earlier a top official from the manufacturer has revealed that the product might be hitting the shelves either by second or third quarter of the year; again, the way it was speculated.

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It was earlier speculated for the device (Xperia Z4) to be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, the company finds the annual release pattern appropriate in comparison. Hence, expectations are at the peak that we will be having an official dig of the product at the IFA event in Germany. Well, fans know they have no reason to feel worried about the time span in fact, as the surfaced images never allow them for anything such.

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Sony keeps the style intact:

The recently leaked snaps are really interesting being available in different view patterns. Undoubtedly the company tries all to maintain the traditional look pattern of the product. As always, this time as well we will be expecting a water and dust resistive product this time as well. Great to see is that the specialised camera icon is there as well making those happier who love to capture cosy whiles without going with the apps.

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