Make Use of the Yoga App to Work Out Anywhere

One of the best thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere. I used to travel a lot as a part of my job, and practices yoga whenever I get time. If I am staying in a hotel, I will make sure I perform yoga early morning before I get busy with my daily routines. I found it difficult carriying yoga mats while travelling, so I used to practice different postures on the carpet. Yoga helped me to refresh my mind and always kept my body fit. Sometimes I got bored doing the regular exercise, so I thought about doing a mix and match workouts. One of my colleagues messaged me that there are yoga apps available online which will help me to perform different postures. Searching online for yoga classes, I found mobile apps more useful and easy to practice.

Yoga App

Freedom to practice whenever you want

The yoga mobile app offers inspiration in the form of work out and customized exercises are available helping you to spend few time working on it. I used to carry my phone everywhere, so instead of spending time to find yoga classes online, I downloaded the app on my mobile. Live classes were available and I watched yoga videos with the help of internet. I use Android phone and download the app from Google play and UrbanClap provided trusted services to their users. I was looking to try the difficulty level and the app was very helpful showing me each step how to perform slowly the difficult postures. My Smartphone became my yoga instructor. For beginners, I have found the app teaching correct alignment and there were even modifications available for the beginner level sequences. This is also a user friendly app for beginners and it will teach you simple postures of yoga in the beginning. I downloaded a class once and I was able to practice it wherever I travelled. The beautiful HD video classes keep the download size small and it helped me to download more classes without filling up my phone.

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The app packed with interesting features

My friend living in Bangalore found the yoga classes Bangalore very boring and she used to have classes only twice a day in a week. She was not aware about various interesting postures available which will create interest in her to perform the work out daily. After downloading the app, she was excited to see the unique features. The app facilitates convenient home exercises and helps you to burn extra fat from your body. The app is considered to be one of the best yoga app of 2014 and I found 400 yoga poses. The videos offer step by step instruction and there are 7 yoga plans available for beginners. There are different yoga postures available such as for fitness, relaxation, strength, flexibility and for weight loss. You can choose different duration from 5 minutes to 45 minutes and I performed yoga hearing background music. I even chat with my other yogi friends and they suggested me to perform some interesting postures. The app helped me to share ideas with others and I tried to follow other yogis. Once I downloaded the classes, I played the classes any time without internet connection. The yoga app helped me to relieve stress.

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