Look up- How Housing Innovates and Instils Positivism has shed its cocoon of a sombre technology company offering services in the property sector. The new is more vibrant, colourful, bold and optimistic. The portal has its new icon which has aptly been called ‘Look Up’. This icon is symbolic of innovation and positivism when it comes to property search.. and life.

Look up

If one combines the vision and the mission of, then the icon is a stark representation of what they mean. Created in an inverted ‘V’ shape, the Look up icon has the two bars forming it at an angle of 90 degrees. These bars have sharp edge pointing upwards yet curve smoothly on the insides. The sharp edge indicates a promising pace into the future while the smooth curves on the inside exhibit a nurturing and shelter, like a roof of a snow house. The symbolism is exceedingly clear where the vision and the mission are concerned. But the symbol stands for a lot more.

Look Up Shows a Journey

The sign is a mile stone in the evolution of It has come into being because the portal decided to shed its old aura and radiate a more spirited image of its new avatar. It has been two and half years since its inception and is already one of the fastest growing technology companies in India. Now when you ‘Look Up’, you see the new which comprises of vibrant colours and an optimistic spirit. The icon’s edge keeps pushing the envelope as the company moves forward. It opens up new avenues for exploration and keeps testing the limits of technology and innovation. While it points upwards, it demands that everyone who may or may not be associated with should dream big. It invites the stake holders to view life in a positive manner. It invites them to view ‘the big picture’ and not merely question of ‘where’ and ‘how’ they want something. They should also seek the answer to the existential question of “What to live for”. The answers to such questions are not easy to find. However if and when a person does, there is a sense of accomplishment (or purpose) that becomes the shining beacon in a person’s life.

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The icon further instils optimism. It invites a person to not stop at the optimum. It invites them to graduate to the level of excellence. It demands them to change their view of the world and seek the best of houses and the best of lifestyle. ‘Look Up’ persuades an onlooker to explore a new life, a better way, newer apps, new projects and much more. It is a reminder to live life.

90 Degrees and its importance

The ‘Look Up’ symbol comprises of two bars which are at 90 degrees to each other. This 90 degree relates to the photography style of The objective is to capture an image in its truest form and compile a set of images unlike any other. Life as it is in the houses is captured; exhibiting the way life is being enjoyed in those homes. Nothing is faked; nothing is staged in the photographs. 90 degree angles are created when buildings are captured from the ground perspective.

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In Conclusion

‘Look Up’ therefore is not an icon but a call for a mass movement; a movement of positivity towards a better lifestyle.

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