Life Threatening Diseases – Coping With It


The human body operates in such a way that we cannot be able to comprehend. Think of it as a self-curing system so that in case there is some anomaly reported to the central nervous system, the body tries to automatically rectify the situation and regain normal function as usual. However, there are situations where the intruding bodies may seem to overpower the body’s immune system. In such a case, the human life is threatened and may come to a tragic end if no action is taken. The following are some of the common life threatening diseases that need to be treated with utmost precautions.

Trachea and Lung Cancer

Every day while in your daily activities you come around people smoking cigarettes in public. Smoke emitted from machines around us also poses a great danger to your health. Studies show that continues inhalation of smoke eventually develop into a serious infection and if not treated may graduate to being cancerous. You try as much as possible to stop smoking and keep away from those smoking because at the end of the day there is nothing fruitful coming out of the habit. In case you already developed the complication it is recommended getting some medical attention and reporting to your health insurance cover to help out with medical expenses.


Malaria has been with us since time immemorial and still remains one of the top killer diseases especially in children and pregnant women. The bites we get from mosquitoes during summer can go a long way to making our lives unbearable or even bring them to a dead end. Malaria parasites feed on red blood cells and they multiply at a very high rate. If not treated, the parasites feed on all the red blood cells, leaving you without any mode to transport oxygen. The sure ways to be safe is taking anti-malarial whenever in doubt and always make sure you have a health insurance cover you in case of anything.

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It is a very contagious infection of the lungs caused by bacteria. It is at times abbreviated as TB and mostly affects the elderly, those living with HIV/AIDS and the infants. Living in places with poor sanitation can put you at a high risk of getting the disease. To be safe, one has to maintain proper diet and sanitation and stay away from those with the disease since it is airborne.

Diarrheal Diseases

Food poisoning or drinking contaminated water can cause you acute stomach discomfort One might spend hours at the restrooms because of this If precautions are not taken, one may end up getting dehydrated. Dehydration is basically due to the body losing important fluids and electrolytes and may worsen and even cause death eventually. In case of anything be sure to visit a doctor and inform your health insurance cover so that you may be saved from the expenses.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

Simply known as stroke in the normal life, it is caused by interrupted blood supply to the important organs of the body like the heart or brain due to a blockage in the blood vessels. If the anomaly persists for a few seconds there is a deficiency of oxygen and may lead to death of cells. This may paralyze parts of the body. This ailment is the number one killer among older people.
All these diseases are harmful and can even take life of the patient. Apply for Ehic card to secure your family’s health expenses, be secured and healthy. For such a type of diseases we need to find out quick 24 Hour Urgent Care  Near Me with help of maps.

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