LeEco Le Max 2 : Smartphone with a massive amount of RAM which takes the multitasking capability to the next level

Leshi Internet Information and Technology (LeEco) a reputed Chinese technology company has acquired significant acclaim for its LeEco Le Max 2 phone since launch in 2016 January. Mobile technology has undergone a revolution in the past few years with the development of a series of apps, that makes multi-tasking incredibly efficient. The LeEco Le Max 2 is ahead on the multitasking sphere. It is a successor of Le Eco Le 2 and it is among the revolutionary new phone discoveries in the market.

LeEco Le Max 2


Le Eco Le Max 2 is engineered with an advanced 14nm Snapdragon 820 Qualcomm processor and this processor is superefficient, superior than Snapdragon 810, the earlier generation processor. The Snapdragon 820 is fitted with potent Adreno 530 that contributes lengthier battery power. The phone is engineered with world class audio technology contributed by the (CDLA) Continual Digital Lossless Audio technology smartphone and this is the first new technique to be engineered in a smartphone. The company has incorporated advanced USB Type-C port in place of the regular 3.5mm audio jack. The phone also has a 3.0 Quick charge where in just five minutes you can benefit from magnificent 3.5 hours talk time.

Display & Memory:

Le Eco Le Max 2 is engineered with a vivid 5.7-inch 4K display with a resolution capacity of 2560×1440 pixels. The huge screen makes it a sure shot winner, it is bigger than the highly efficient and popular iPhone 6S Plus by 0.2 inches. It is the storage power of the phone that makes it futuristic amidst the current range of products. It has a 32 GB storage that can expand to 64GB, and there is more to this. The 64GB storage is packed with an additional 6GB RAM and the 32GB storage has an extra 4GB RAM, and the phone is equipped with the innovative Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.


The camera power of LeEco Le Max 2 is great, on the front is an 8MP camera and the rear section has 21MP camera. The shooter is powerful and captures quality images contributed by the optical image stabilization technology and PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology and it has 4K video recording power. The clarity power of the rear camera is phenomenal contributed by the creation of innovative technologies such as dual-tone flash, HDR, OIS, closed loop, PDAF and 6P lens. For amazing selfie moments, the 8MP camera in front is just awesome.

Technology & Features:

LeEco Le Max 2 is a great phone for music lovers, Le Eco has moved a step ahead in advanced music technology contributed by the invention of CDLA standard, and this enables lossless digital music transmission. An important point to note is this is the only phone that does not have a 3.5mm headphone and in place of it is the CDLA Type-C interface and here, the music technology is purely digital audio transmission. The entertainment facilities in Le Eco Le Max 2 is fantastic, here consumers can access as many as over 1.9 million songs when linked with lossless audio. It just gets more and more exciting from here, consumers can access more than fifty international live concerts and also over 7500 hours of entertainment. Also you can access more than two thousand movies, over one fifty live television channels.

The Le Max 2 has a nice design, it is vibrant and a source of marvel for the young demographic, the front portion has a neat glass covering and the back too looks trendy and elegant. On the center is camera and top of which is fingerprint scanner.


The battery power of Le Max 2 is incredible, it functions on 3100mAh charge and it has the fasted charging power in the world, and the connectivity choices are LTE/4G, HSPA+ and Wi-Fi.

LeEco Le Max 2 is a phone designed with 21st century innovation, the design, display, charge and camera efficiency of the phone is great. The most phenomenal aspect of the devise is the high amount of RAM capacity and in India the phone will be sold in two options, 4GB RAM +32GB storage. The 6GB RAM phone is priced at Rs 30,000, take note of the enormous storage capacity of the phone and it will enable you to multi-task to a great degree, the 64GB devise has an additional 6GB RAM and the 32GB storage has extra 4GB RAM.

What makes the LeEco Le Max 2 spectacular, it is the 2K display that is exceptionally vibrant and has great viewing angles. The brightness is below 50% compared to other phones, but it is not too glaring on the eyes. Using this phone is a fantastic experience, you can multitask endlessly you can scroll through multiple apps and play games as well. Users who have handled the phone were amazed by the camera technology and said it is ahead compared to most phones in its class, and it is perfect to capture life-remembering moments.


LeEco Le Max 2 is among the best phones to own, and unlike many other brands you can keep yourself totally occupied. You can browse through happenings all around the world, such as live-concerts and you can listen to million tunes from around the globe. It is a phone that enables consumers to multitask contributed by the significant amount of RAM power.

Over the years’ smartphone technology has progressed to a new level, so many new apps are being discovered, and LeEco Le Max 2 is a link between current and advanced future technologies. It is an ideal phone for techie freaks, who can dwell into a whole new world of ultra-space mobile technology. For people who are keen on buying the phone, it is great value for money, it is super versatile and you can perform a number of tasks at one shot, and most importantly the battery does not drain out easily and is long lasting.

It will be interesting to view the customer response towards Le Eco Le Max 2 and in the near future, there may be many more such mobile creations.

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