Lava Pixel V2 Vs Lenovo K3 Note

In the battle of budget phones, Lava has always been a player who gives tough competition but ends up on the losing side. Not long before, the company unveiled Pixel V1, its first-ever Android One phone which did look impressive but failed to outperform leading players due to performance and camera issues. Well, all those glitches are gone now and the successor of Pixel V1 is here with a tempting set of hardware and software specs!

The successor Lava Pixel V2 sits perfectly as one of the finest smartphones in the sub-10k price category. It’s a real budget beauty with premium looks and price tag like no other. The power-packed handset from Lava had made its debut across online and offline channels, and is posing some serious threats against Lenovo’s most popular K3 Note!

Since we all know how good Lenovo K3 Note is, it’s a tough question to answer which of these two phones is a better performer in the budget segment.Therefore, let’s leave it on the spec sheet and check which one is better and which one is not!

Lava Pixel V2 Vs Lenovo K3 Note

Design and Build Quality

Both phones are aesthetically pleasing but Lava Pixel V2 looks a little better with a touch of aluminium and glass like finish. Though it’s made completely from plastic, the metallic rim and the rear panel of the handset looks a lot like aluminium and glass.It incorporates a compact 5-inch display with thin bezels, and fits nicely in one hand. On whole, the Pixel V2 looks like a well-crafted budget phone, which light, slim and very compact!

Lenovo K3 Note, on the other hand, has a dull and dubious design language. The 5.5-incher phablet takes design cues from Lenovo’s old smartphones, and boasts a polycarbonate body with a box-like form-factor. It’s slightly larger than expected, but that back panel with soft-touch finish is something incredibly good. It gives a great feel and comes in three colour options, Black, White, and Yellow.


If K3 Note fails on design, Pixel V2 gets a hugeset back due its display. The latest beauty from Lava sports a 5-inch HD IPS display, which barely looks detailed or as impressive as the 5.5-inch full HD IPS display packed with Lenovo K3 Note.It gives a decent visual experience indoors, but again, it’san incomplete package and is not highly detailed or even well protected. Sunlight legitimacy is a big question for Lava Pixel V2, and you’ll definitely face some real problems while using it for texting or gaming under the Sun.

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For Lenovo K3 Note, however, display is a major plus point. Under 10k, the power-packed phone incorporates a crisp display and endows a better than “normal” visual experience with perfect viewing angles, punchy colours, and adequate sunlight legitimacy!It offers just the right deal for budget buyers and movie-buffs.

Hardware and Performance

Even here, K3 Note takes a dig against Pixel V2. The majestic smartphone from Lenovo uses MediaTek’sMT6752 Octa-core chip clocked at 1.7Ghz, coupled with 2GB RAM. It offers an ideal ecosystem for seamless work and play, and delivers just the right amount of power to cater standard usage requirements with perfection.

The Pixel V2 also uses a MediaTek chipset.But, this one is a quad-core MT6735 SoC, and is not at par with the Octa-core 64-bit chipset equipped with K3 Note. Therefore, if you’re looking for a phone with powerful innards and slick performance, pick Lenovo K3 Note right away!

Lava Pixel V2 Vs Lenovo K3 Note

Software and OS

On the software front, both phones run their own custom skins with the latest iteration of Android. The K3 Note runs Android 5.0 based Vibe UI skinout-of-the box, while Lava Pixel V2brings a slightly tweaked avatar of stock Android with Color OS 2.0. Though both phones feature a nice and slick user-interface, it’ll be a real must for stock Android fans to install Google Launcher or any third party launcher from Google Play Store. The UI from Lava and Lenovo is smooth but is nowhere Vanilla Android!

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Through on paper, Pixel V2 looked like a better camera phone, real life results made us change our minds.The 13MP rear and 8MP front-facing shooter packed with Pixel V2 was below par and failed to manage decent shots even in daylight conditions. Its images lacked some serious amount detailing and were nowhere near the 13MP shooter of Lenovo K3 Note!

Whether it’s the front or the back camera, K3 Note performed much better and gave a nice photography experience by producing bright, sharp, and well-detailed images.

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Battery Backup

Just like other categories, K3 Note is again our winner. The power-packed handset features a stupendous 2900 mAh battery and offers more than enough power for nonstop work and play. It handles an entire day of normal usage with perfection, and even after that, it safe keeps enough juice to deal with heavy usage requirements as well. However, Pixel V2 is a total disappoint. It accommodates a smaller 2500 mAh battery, and fails to bear heavy usage with few more calls and longer web-surfing.


Lenovo K3 Note ships at a price tag of Rs. 9,999 exclusively via Flipkart. It’s terrific deal for budget buyers and is certainly much better than Pixel V2, which was initially launched at Rs. 10,750 but is now rolling at something around 9-9.5k.

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In our opinion, Lenovo K3 Note is the undisputed winner in this face-off. At a marginal difference of pricing, K3 Note brings a full HD display, powerful processor, and a bigger battery. It improves all elements that are needed to make up a perfect smartphone, and endows one of the best deals in the entire budget segment.

In terms of looks, LavaPixel V2 is also a good option to count on, but if it’s only up to performance and battery backup, no other option in the entire sub-10k price category can challenge the mighty Lenovo K3 Note.

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