How to do follow up for the job without making recruiter exhausted

Sometimes candidates are desperately waiting in line to get the right mis executive jobs in Mumbai they are looking for. They want answers from hiring manager while posting their resume on the company website and through different resources. Regular calling and asking hiring managers to have them address your concerns is sometimes quite hectic and troublesome for the hiring managers.

Candidates have a bad habit of calling females hiring managers just to get close to them and make long term relationship with them. They need to understanding the difference between calling the university colleague and professional hiring managers who can put themselves into trouble of completely rejecting the resume.

job without making recruiter


In the university level, candidates are regular calling their friends to have a date with them to enjoy sometimes together, this factor is very difficult and challenging while talking to the females hiring managers, sometimes she is able to understand you and give a space while she is also working on different assignment.

As you are searching for a professional career to start with for a long time, you have not been able to get the right kind of job. Convincing female hiring manager to speed up the process of hiring you in the organization has certain advantages and disadvantages.
If she is not comfortable while talking to you, it is quite an uneasy while forwarding your resume in front of head of department, or she does not find resume up to level of the job requirement. On the other hand, if she is satisfied with the resume it’s quite easy and comfortable while communicating with her boss regarding your driver jobs in Mumbai.

Tips on how to follow with the hiring manager

Here are certain tips and suggestion which you can use while communicating and coordinating with the hiring manager keeping in view that space is kept between both people, so that he or she might not feel uncomfortable and uneasy while addressing your concerns:

Thank you note

Hiring managers are considering thank you note from the potential candidate who would like to pursue potential job available in the organization. As they are busy in carrying out different jobs besides giving an interview calls to the potential candidates, they are able to communicate effectively and keeping in view professional ethics followed by the candidates.

The timing of the thank you note is important with respect to communication being taken place with the candidates, if the candidate is able to thank the hiring manager at the time of the interviews, it sounds quite ethical and pleasing to have a good strong relationship with the hiring managers.

Keeping the space along the way while getting in touch with the hiring manager is important at this point in time, as there is a difference between dating a girl in your university life and communicating with the professional people to whom you would like to communicate in the future.

It is important to deliver via email a thank you note to the hiring manager the next day to have her reminded of yourself so she is able to process your resume with her head of department and convincing the marketing and sales departmental head to have a potential candidate available for the vacancy to which he has requested.

Thank you note shall be written professionally in order to build a strong network of people to whom you would be interacting with the passage of time. Sometimes candidates are sending thank you with pictures and emotional statement making the hiring managers in an uncomfortable position, due to which she will not be receiving or giving you a desired response.

A follow up call to the hiring manager

A lot of candidates are trying to have been in touch with good looking hiring managers with whom they want to have a long term relationship. During the interview they even ask for the personal numbers to be in close relationship. This kind of behaviors is sometimes too much bothersome for the hiring manager that she is able to say no to you and may not pursue to contact yourself.

On the other hand, if you are able to maintain professional ethics and mannerisms while coordinating and communicating with her quite effectively and keeping into consideration the space which she requires is an important element to consider here.

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