Is This Hair Transplantation Takes Much Time?

Many people will have the hair fall problem as this is because of the aging, hormonal imbalance, improper maintenance, and many other problems. In order to avoid this kind of problem, people need to choose the best clinic for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. This is the only solution for the people as this will give them the stylish look which makes them reduce their stress easily. The cost of this kind of surgery is very much less and so this becomes the popular one in India in recent times.

What are the techniques used for the hair transplant?

The transplantation of the hair is the necessary one as this will help them to enjoy more happily. The hair loss problem is the common one for both men and women. But the men will face a little bit sever hair loss mostly. Hereafter they can simply avoid the worries about the hair loss as the doctors in the clinic are providing the hair transplant surgery within the budget. The techniques like the follicular unit extraction and the follicular unit transplantation will be used by the doctors. These kinds of techniques will have unique advantages and so this will not give them any pain.

The follicular unit transplantation is the technique that will help the doctors to pick the hairs in the strips from the backside of the head to the place that the hair density is less. This is much simpler for doctors to do as they are having modern tools and techniques. The patients can simply sit for two hours and get the surgery. This will not give them much time as they are given the anesthesia and also after the surgery it will not be painful mostly. This FUT technique is followed by a lot of the doctors as this is a less costly Hair Transplant in Ludhiana compared to other technique but this will give the little bit of the minor scar that will be visible when the third person looks closely.

The follicular unit extraction is better than the FUT as this will help the people to get the hair follicles without any minor scar. The FUE is the technique where the doctors will pick the individual hair follicles from the back of the head or from the other parts and then they will match the texture of the hair with the hairs in the head. This will give the unique look for the patient and so they can get the bunch of hairs in the head immediately.

What is the safety measure to be taken before and after the surgery?

  • The people will have to avoid taking alcohol or smoking habits. They should not have to take the vitamin tablets before the one month of the surgery.
  • The people who have gone to the other surgeries in the past or if they are having health problem then they are not fit for this surgery.
  • Also, the patients should not expose their hair to the direct sunlight or cover the head often.

The itching, bruising and swelling and other problems will occur for the few days and so you should be careful.

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