The advantages of BhashSMS are very well known to many. Starting from easy uploading of client details to multiple receiver options, the service has everything that every small, medium and even big enterprise would be in need of. Is this service a better option to choose? Here is an article that would answer you based on the information collected from various customer reviews and other forums.


What is good and bad in this service?

The pros

a) Unlimited validity
b) Unlimited receiver option
c) Unlimited sender ID
d) Instant activation
e) Instant delivery
f) Instant delivery report download
g) Easy uploading client details through Excel
h) Easy messaging to groups
i) Future messaging services
j) Transactional and promotional messages allowed
k) Transactional SMS service for DND customers is allowed
l) Sending SMS to thousands of customers is just a click away
m) Send SMS to any customer around the country
n) Comparatively lower in cost
o) Highly reliable
p) Used by thousands of clients around India
q) SMS can be sent in Hindi for local customers
r) Full admin rights for the resellers
s) Several and simple payment options
t) Customers can store your promotional messages

The cons

a) No message that is related to politics, lottery, sex or racism would be sent
b) No client would receive your promotional message before 9 AM and after 9 PM
c) Your promotional messages would not be sent to DND customers
d) Can send SMS with more than 800 characters at once, but every 160 characters would be considered as a single message
e) Only those with a domain name can become a reseller

The verdict

The cons may seem to be a lot but when looked closely; most of the restrictions provided by BhashSMS are restrictedunder the name of law. Thus, if you are looking for any reliable bulk SMS service provider, you would be facing the same restrictions. On the other hand, the pros are larger in number. Starting from instant delivery to simple usage, the service provided is high in reliability, speed and simplicity.
The price factor is a comparative one. You can find a lot of services with a smaller price tag but, the number of service and the simplicity of the process would not be the same as that of this service provider. A mistake of one business is an advantage of its competitor.
Are you looking out to connect to all your customers and provide instant updates and other information to them? Do you want to provide other services to your customers that would increase the value? You can rely on this service provider for all your bulk SMS needs. Not just you, there are thousands of business owners in the country who are using this service for their daily needs. Starting from small business owners to large enterprise; all can make use of this service as there are separate packages that would suit each type of customers.
Why fall into the hands of a cheap and unreliable service when you can get the best for a lower price? Check the site to learn more about their services to different type of clients.

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