Is “Android for Work” Enough to Counter BYOD Woes

Android holds more than 81 percent of the mobile market share, which clearly shows that a heavy majority of mobile device users have opted for the famous platform. Now, Google is looking to improve this experience even more as they have revealed a new program called “Android for Work.” This new service will allow users to use their device for both work and personal use by letting users keep both profiles completely separate. Android for Work will prove to be quite helpful, especially for those firms that employ BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. BYOD has been in practice for quite some time now, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. However, with Android for Work, some of the woes of BYOD can be dealt with quite effectively.


Security Issues

Companies often have confidential and sensitive data flowing on its internal network. BOYD puts the security of this data at risk. While the chances of data loss at work are quite low, they increase by quite a bit when the person is at home. The device can be accessed by anyone and all the information of the company can fall into the wrong hands. Android for Work will ensure that this doesn’t happen as it will create separate work and home profiles. This will not only help companies, but will also help employees as they will not have to keep their personal stuff hidden from the organizations, which could be using a monitoring software like the one found at

Network Issues

With all the personal devices in the office, the network is always loaded and doesn’t give the performance that it is expected of it. However, with Android for Work, people will not be able to use non-work related apps that also take a toll on network speed, therefore keeping the load on available bandwidth to a minimum. This will be quite helpful for everyone in the company as they will be able enjoy better internet speed.

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IT’s Life Would Be Easier

As established above, Android for Work will separate the personal usage of the device from the official one. During their routine internet usage, employees may visit different sites that can welcome malware on to their devices, which then have to be taken care of by the IT department. However, with Android for Work, the internet and download privileges will be restricted, thus curbing the threat of malware sneaking onto the company server.

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Only Android Devices

As helpful as Android for Work is, its service and benefits are limited to Android devices. If a company wants to introduce this service in their company, they will have to make sure that every employee is using an Android based device. This may cost the firm some money. They will have to see if the benefits such as improved efficiency are worth the additional cost before reaching a decision.
While Android for Work is already available for all devices running Android Lollipop 5.0, the mobile phones/tablets with lower Android will have to wait a few months for an app that will make their devices with the service.

Android for Work is shaping up to be a great service for the enterprises and will surely come in handy for the companies that employ BYOD policy. The service is in its initial stages, so it’s difficult to say something with certainty. However, from what we’ve found out so far, it could very well be the next big thing for the organizations.

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