All About the iPad Air 3

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 last year in October and got overwhelmingly positive response from users. The addition of a high-resolution display, Touch ID and improved performance and design quickly made the iPad Air 2 a crowd favorite. The time has arrived when people start expecting for something new in the tablet segment by apple, this time in the form of an iPad air 3. Although it’s not very certain that we could get iPad Air 3 this year, as many think the Air line-up will be replaced by a new “pro” line-up, there are still rumors going around about a supposed and its features.

iPad Air 3

While some say that the surprise will be an iPad pro, while we can’t neglect the fact that it might be launched in the form an iPad air 3. Insiders say that it could be the Apple’s first multifunctional device in true sense.

Convertible devices such as Microsoft surface Pro 3 and surface 3 and lot more are being so much popular and setting up a new trend in tablet market. As they are truly hybrid and are replacing the traditional laptops.

Although Macbooks are insanely popular these days too but this tech savy generation keeps looking for something new everyday. And a device that can easily fit in between the Macbook and iPad is more likely to be seen in the near future. As apple itself keeps looking for the development of devices with the top notch specs and are trendy as well.

It’s very much likely that we could get 2 devices from the apple in its tablet segment, namely an iPad air 3 and an iPad pro as a hybrid and convertible device.

Let’s have a look at expected specifications of iPad Air 3:

Screen size:

Chances of getting a higher resolution and a bigger screen size on the next gen iPad are very high. There should be no surprise if it will get a higher pixel density of 400ppi(pixels per inch) or even higher than it. Higher the pixel density sharper the image quality u will get.

Advanced processing capability:

Last year apple launched the IPad air 2 with a8x processor onboard, which has proved to be 12x faster when compared to the first generation iPad. So we are expecting iPad air 3 to come with a much faster A9X processor which ensures the better endurance in the overall performance of the tablet in terms of speed. So, u can now work hard and play harder on your iPad air 3.

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Advanced camera:

Be hopeful about the increase in megapixel count in the next version of I pad air.
It could be anything around 13 megapixels. Also it’s more likely that the front camera could get an upgrade too. This time we are expecting led flash too on rear camera.

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Higher screen resolution, bigger screen size, fast processor and a better camera would mean a much more battery consumption. Therefore we are expecting a really powerful battery to support the top class specs.

Key features of an iPad air 3:
1. A9x chipset.
2. 2k resolution, amzing3d display ,400 PPI.
3. 3 GB ram for a blazing fast flawless experience.
4. 13MP rear camera with led flash.
5. Expandable storage slot.
6. Wireless charging.
7. Touch id.

It’s much likely to be released by October or November of 2015. Anything about the price is a mystery at the moment. So, stay tuned with us for more updates on iPad Air 3. iOS 10 will release next year.

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