Impressive age of phablets : Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has just taken a step in the tech world without having made its place in all retail centres, and the rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already flowing in the air. Samsung Galaxy is a few of those most successful series of smart phones that has made itself pioneer in Tech market in a very lesser time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the smartest smart phones that was launched in September in IFA 2014. But you know we are living in the era where we are in consistent search something new and we understand that you tech lovers are often confused in regard to what is the best among so many newly arrived or about to arrive technologies and gadgets.

So, we are back with providing you the information of that ‘something new’ and to shape you smart Tech Geeks into smarter one. Yes! we are here to tell you about- Samsung Galaxy Note five.

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We know the first thing that comes in  your head while thinking about a new gadget, is a huge question – that is “WHY”? Right?? Yes !we know you must be thinking why should you even be bothered about this upcoming samsung galaxy Note five… Here we come with all that you should know about your new upcoming gadgets…its features, its specs, its price and most importantly its tentative release date.

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We would first like to inform you that since the Korean firm-Samsung is yet to share any news about its upcoming Smartphone technology and there are so many rumours revolving around it, we would give you the specs that according to the Tech experts, can be expected based on prior experiences from Samsung Smartphone.

1. RAM – RAM is the most important feature to judge any Smartphone. As the Samsung Galaxy Note five will be the successor of Samsung Galaxy Note four ,it can be expected to have a RAM of 4GB at least.

2. PROCESSOR – An octa core processor would be present and will have a 64 bit architecture.

3. MEMORY – As per the expectations of Tech experts, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come in two variants 32GB and 64GB. The memory is further expandable up to 128GB using SD card which means there won’t be any issue regarding memory or space.

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4. BATTERY POWER – It can be expected to have a battery power of about 4000mAh along with features like Ultra battery saver mode.

5. CAMERA – Good camera has become a pre-requisite for the young Tech geeks, especially when it comes to deciding on a Smartphone or any gadget. We are expecting a primary camera of about 21MP with LED flash and autofocus and a secondary camera of around 5-6MP. The camera will probably support full HD recording and might be giving a stiffer competition to the other upcoming Smartphone that are famous for the professional camera features and quality.

6. SCREEN SIZE – Screen size is expected to be about 5.7-5.9 inches.


As per speculation by Tech gurus, Samsung galaxy Note five will cost you around $1000-$1200 worldwide and as per its general trend of release, you can expect it to be in your hands by September 2015.

Wait to enjoy your new Smartphone.

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