How To Treat Scars With Natural Ingredients

Skin scars and acne is a very common skin problem that keeps happening and sometimes it becomes painful with blisters, swelling and redness.

In order to get rid of the scars one can always use no scars neem face wash because they have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial agent which works directly on the affected area and try to reduce the skin issues. But apart from that, one can also use some home remedies and natural ingredients so that the scar can be treated well. Here are some ingredients which are effective on them:


Honey as everyone knows is a very natural moisturising agent and it has some tissue stimulating properties which makes it a good product to be used for skin care purposes. Raw honey also has some medicinal properties which are good for both skin and health. One can mix honey with a pinch of cinnamon and apply it on the affected area so that it can reduce the scars and acne marks.


If one wants to lighten their scar then using lemon is one of the best things they can do. They have AHA or the alpha hydroxyl acids which can provide a healing affect on the skin. This also acts as natural bleach and it has some lightener aids. It can help in some new cell growths and gives the skin some elasticity as well. One can cut a fresh lemon and then rub the half of it over the scar. Let it be there for at least 15 minutes so that the lemon juice can be soaked and then one can dab it with cool water to wash it off.

Essential Oils

There are huge varieties of essential oils that are available in the market these days. One can try and use tea tree oil, lavender oil or carrot seed oil (whichever suits them) for their scar treatment. One can also mix two oils together to use it. For example: one can use rose oil, apricot oil and lavender oil (2 to 3 drops each) and mix them together to form a gentle moisturiser which can heal the scar.

Shea Butter

It is said that Shea butter works best when it comes to eliminate stretch marks or scars from the body. But one needs to find some raw and unfiltered Shea butter and then use it on the affected area to work well instead of a refined version.

Turmeric Powder

They contain curcumin and so they have a lot of anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which can reduce the excess production of melanin and pigmentation that can add to the scar and make it look darker. They also can treat the skin discoloration well and help the skin glow. Daily use of turmeric paste can actually help the skin to lighten down and give relief from any kind of inflammation.

One can also use no scars face wash with neem extracts because neem is a natural ingredient full of anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which can be of great help.

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