How to record lectures for future reference?

Imagine you are sitting in a lecture hall, receiving a lecture from your school teacher, a guest faculty or any other lecturer. The lecturer uses a wide array of engaging study material to augment the lecture. It may include presentations, videos, music or voices or simple pictures and charts. Modern lecturers often include the use of live working models to derive a better picture of the topic and supplement the information. The lecturers also interact with the students by the means of questions and answers to help the students clear their doubts and reach a conclusive understanding of the topic.

record lectures
All this culminates to transform a lecture into an experience. But soon the experience becomes memory, and gradually, the minute details of the lecture slip from your mind. This is only normal for a human being. In order to remember and revisit the lecture again, we have to record the lectures in electronic format. Use of a camera and microphone assembly is the best way to record lectures.

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It is a simple and efficient practice that is being adopted by more and more people every day. This allows you to record and catalog those important lectures easily in an electronic format. This way your study material becomes much more manageable. You can review and revisit the lecture to confirm those tiny bits and clear any doubts anywhere and anytime. The main advantages of recording a lecture are described below:

Revisit and review – Recording of lecture allows you to attend the lecture once again, all you have to do is to simply open the recorded video and play it. It is just like sitting in the lecture again, in the real time.

Store and share – The lecture recording allows you to indefinitely store the knowledge in an electronic format. This allows countless reviewing and sharing possibilities for the students. If a student misses the actual lecture, he or she can easily review the recorded lecture and draw conclusions. Thus, the recorded lecture can be shared with other students.

Cheap and easy – Recording of a live lecture is much easier than it actually sounds. The main requirements for the recording of a lecture are video recorders for lectures, electronic microphones and editing and finishing software. Any individual possessing the knowledge of using a computer can easily make good use of this technique.

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The main requirements for lecture recording are:

Video cameras – Video cameras are the first and foremost requirement for recording a lecture. A digital video camera with a good picture quality is supported on a tripod stand. The camera is such adjusted that, the field of view of the camera encompass the entire lecture board as well as the movement circle of the lecturer.

Microphones – Without proper sound, the video recording is useless. Thus, digital microphones are used to record the sounds used during the lecture. The microphones are either held by the lecturer or affixed on the podium for better sound quality.
With the use of these simple devices, any student or professor can record and memorialize a given lecture forever. This technique conserves time and effort of students and faculty and thus is very beneficial of academic use.

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