How To Choose The Correct Facewash Depending On Your Skin Type

A facewash like noscarsneemfacewash removes the dirt, germs and pollutants from the facial skin, which helps it to remain clean and nourished. When it comes to face wash, there are a plethora to choose from. Each one guarantees of giving you a clean and glowing skin. However, this is far from being the truth. Some facewash may cause a reaction on the skin or damage the skin surface. It is thus important to choose a facewash wisely. Below we give you a few tips on how to choose the facewash according to your skin type.

  1. Face wash for dry skin- if you have a dry skin you must choose a gentle face wash that no only cleans your face but also moisturizes it with the oil present in it. Face wash for dry skin must contain ingredients like petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oil all of which collectively helps retain moisture on the skin and prevents dryness. It is also important to keep in mind that the face wash for dry skin must be hypoallergenic, fragrant free, alcohol free and free of chemicals, which will dry out your skin even more.
  2. Face wash for oily skin- oily skin is a menace towake up with each morning. Face wash for an oily skin must have ingredients like aloe Vera and tea tree oil both of which are mild in nature and balance and regulates the oil production in the skin. Facewash with alcohol and oil should not be used which will only aggravate the oil production in the skin. Oily skin most often is acne prone. In such cases, make use of noscarsneemextractfacewashforacnescars. In addition,face wash containing salytic acid that unclogs the pores and removes excess oil should be preferred for an oily skin.
  3. Facewash for combination skin-a very gentle facewash that is oil free, hypoallergenic and fragrance free must be used on a sensitive skin type to avoid irritation or inflammation of the skin. Facewash that are harsh on the skin will only damage the skin and leave your skintight after being washed.
  4. For sensitive skin-, people with a sensitive skin may have a very thin outer layer of skin, which gets irritated easily and causes reaction on the skin surface. Face wash for this type of skin should contain ‘calming’ ingredients like chamomile, aloe Vera and tea polyphenols. Avoid face wash containing salytic acid, glycolic acid and lipoic acid that will only irritate the skin more.

Normal skin- since this skin type is the least problematic; most face wash will work for this skin type. Nevertheless, look for mild facewash that will remove dirt grease and the natural sebum that you have.

                                       Using acorrect face wash according to your skin type will give you a healthy, nourished, soft and a glowing skin. It will help you flaunt a clear and smooth skin.

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