How News Has Evolved

There are still some people around who remember the days when the whole family would gather around and listen to the top entertainers of the day do their routines on the radio. Everyone would sit together to listen, whether to pulp radio dramas, sketch comedy or music shows, or to the “fireside” chats broadcast by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many people of that time thought that radio was such an incredible medium for entertainment and news that nothing could ever beat it. These were the people who scoffed when television first came into our homes, as they felt the pictures associated with the news and entertainment offered was just a distraction. Amazing, isn’t it?

How News Has Evolved

Those heady days when television first arrived and transformed the way people took in the news are well behind us, but the impact of media on our society still remains. News coming in through television was a major game changer for everyone, and the media transformed even more when the Internet became a major player in keeping people constantly updated on the news of the world. Today, with the advent of mobile phones, people are able to get updates on major news events throughout the world, from the latest cultural events in Manhattan to volcanoes exploding in Mexico to the most dramatic news briefs from the White House. Even with all this news, however, the irony is still that the most important news to each of us is what is happening locally.

How News Has Evolved

All News is Still Local

For people who live in West Los Angeles, the most important news for them will come from a website or newspaper dedicated to local news west LA. Local news may not always be the most exciting and glamorous, but the fact is it’s what really resonates in our personal lives. The news of a local school opening and a new mayor being sworn in is very relevant to our lives on a daily basis. All of this is why, no matter how much the media evolves, the fact is that knowing what is happening in our local community is the most important thing of all.

So, next time you are reviewing all the national news updates, remember that it all comes down to what’s happening to us locally. It always has and it always will.

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