Get Information About the Prohibition for Sending Gifts to Pakistan

Giving or sending a gift to someone is a very good thing. Giving a gift is an essential part of life. Sending the gift to Pakistan to your loved one is also an important thing to show your love, care and making a strong relationship with your loved one.

But, you should not send any items addressing the country in which that item is prohibited or unlawful. You should obey the restriction to send those items and follow the conditions according to the law to send gift to Pakistan online. Here are given the list for some prohibited items which you cannot send to Pakistan as a gift.

Prohibited items

Prohibited items will not be permitted considering any circumstances for mailing to someone. Some of these items are:

  • Living animals or animal products
  • Mobile phones
  • Fish, Mollusca, crustaceans and other aquatic invertebrate animals
  • Prepared beverages, vinegar, foodstuff, spirits, tobacco, and the substances which are made from tobacco
  • Any type of chemical products
  • Edible products which are made from animal, natural honey, dairy products, and bird’s eggs
  • Tablet devices
  • Inorganic chemical compounds, organic compounds, precious metals, radioactive elements, rare earth metal, and radioactive isotopes
  • Semiprecious or precious stones, metal clad including precious metal, jewelry, cultured or natural pearl, coin
  • Machinery and any kind of machinery parts, sound recorders, electrical equipment, television image, nuclear reactors, and boilers
  • Watches, clocks, and their parts
  • Art of work and antiques
  • Photographs, optical instruments, checking, measuring, precision, medical and surgical instruments
  • Waste papers, scrap paper, paper boards, wood pulp, fibrous as well as cellulose material and paperboard articles
  • Printed newspaper, books, picture, and the products of the printing industry, manuscript, plan, and typescripts
  • Prepared meat and manufactured articles
  • Toys, sports and games requisites
  • Cereals
  • Coffee, spices, and tea
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Iron and steel
  • Aluminum and the products made up of aluminum
  • Lead and the products made up of lead
  • Nickel and the products made up of nickel
  • Aircraft, arms and ammunition, spacecraft and their parts
  • Ore, ash, and slag
  • Explosive, matches, pyrophoric alloys and combustible substances
  • Rubber and the products made up of rubber
  • Zinc and the products made up of zinc
  • Plastering materials, cement, and lime
  • Edible vegetables, some kinds of tuber and roots
  • Mineral products
  • Mineral oils, mineral fuel, and the remaining products of their distillation
  • Products of milling industry like starches, wheat, malt, wheat gluten

If you want to send a gift to Pakistan online, there are many agencies which will help to send your gift to Pakistan maintaining the safety and security. The agencies will offer you many options which are followed by the restriction and the prohibition for sending the gift to Pakistan. You can select any type of option according to your requirement. You can depend on the agency for the delivery of the gift to your loved one within the mentioned time and to the perfect destination. The agency will not take any extra charges from the recipient. You can get the information in detail through the official websites of the agencies.

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