Fungal Infections and Its Symptoms

Now days, pollution is increasing day by day due to which there is an increase in number of infections and allergies due to it. People are becoming so much concerned about their health and also take many protective measures. But still they are not being successful in escaping from various infections. People who are having weak immune system are prone to infections. Microorganisms are present everywhere in the environment and even when we breathe. We inhale so many tiny particles that some of them are good for our body and some are harmful. The harmful particles, when in contact with our immune system it causes many kinds of infections. Most of the infections are caused by the bacteria, viral or through fungal. Fungal infections are the common infections that we heard from people. Best anti fungal cream for skin is available to treat the skin infections.

Fungus is present everywhere like in air, soil, plants and even I our body. The fungus affects the immune system of the body and stays in the human body and try to re infect that person again. These fungal infections affect the skin as well as the body. The various types of fungal infections that can affect your skin are discussed as follows:

  • Athlete’s foot: this infection is a common fungal infection which basically affects the foot. This problem can be faced by anyone this fungal infection is more common in sports person. As they have to wear shoes or the moisture is always there in their foot which may cause infection. The common symptoms which are faced by people affected with athlete’s foot are as follows:
  • Redness on the backside of foot near fingers
  • Cracks or peels on the foot
  • Itching on the affected area.
  • Yeast infection: yeast infections are more likely to affect vagina. The yeast infection must be treated with proper care and treatment to cure it. Avoiding it may become worse. The symptoms for yeast infection are rashes or redness, itching or burning on the affected area. In order to prevent this infection try to maintain more hygiene, taking proper balanced diet or wearing loose clothes etc will help.
  • Jock itch: this is the common fungal infection. Fungus is more attracted to the warm or moist areas that are why it affects that area the most. The main areas of this infection is inner thighs, buttocks etc. it is a kind of red rash on the skin which may look itchy. Your skin may appear a flaky or peeling near affected area. Wearing cotton clothes, loose fitted, maintaining hygiene or maintaining dryness in the affected area may also help.
  • Ringworm: this fungal infection is known due to its ring shape. It is basically red in color and you can diagnose it with the red ring on your skin. People who came in more contact with the dust or soil may experience this infection easily. Best antifungal medicine in India is available to treat every fungal infection.

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