Fun Outdoor Trips for the Homestead Enthusias

Fun Outdoor Trips for the Homestead Enthusiast

For the fans of homesteading, nature is a big attraction when it comes to trips and vacations. Providing for one’s own family and living a life of simplicity truly is a hobby, and it is seeing a surge in popularity currently. With so many beautiful landmarks and once in a lifetime opportunities available for the humble homesteader, there are many vacation ideas floating around out there.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is definitely not for the faint of heart. This majestic hike takes several months to complete and requires the heart of a lion. At over 2,200 miles long, it is nothing short of intimidating. However, it is the perfect opportunity to escape from the fast paced life that most live. One can unplug for months on end, camp out every night, and enjoy the company of the wildlife and other hikers.

Fun Outdoor Trips

Hunting Expeditions

For most people who admire homesteading or for those who own homesteads, hunting is a hobby that provides their families with fresh wild meat. Unique guided hunting trips are a fun way to hunt in unknown territory for regional game, especially big game. The type of game and the terrain to be traveled will have an impact on the cost of the trip and the time of year that the hunt can be completed. Most hunting guides offer multiple trips throughout the year with varying species being hunted.

Deep Sea and Ice Fishing Trips

Fishing is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon after a long work week. For those who do not live near the ocean or in the colder northern regions, deep sea fishing and ice fishing could be a very exciting experience. Deep sea fishing can yield monstrous fish, depending upon the chosen location. The same goes for ice fishing. However, ice fishing is far more suitable for those who get motion sickness quite easily. Getting seasick could truly ruin the excursion; motion sickness medication could help quite a bit.

Planning a fun vacation is something everyone dreams about throughout the stressful periods of the year; but not everyone is looking for the common beach destinations or amusement parks that many flood to during hot summer months. Sometimes, a vacation is best enjoyed within the bounds of nature. For the standard homestead enthusiast, an unplugged vacation may offer the most fun.

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