Four Supportive Ways to Help Loved Ones Struggling with Addiction

How do you support and love someone that’s struggling with some kind of addiction? For one, you should do research about the addiction. Find out everything you can—then implement the following advice to bolster your support and hopefully help your loved one combat their addiction.

Encourage Your Loved One to Seek Professional Help

Professional help comes in many forms, from rehabilitation centers, to therapists and doctors. Be encouraging and supportive in their decisions. Make the arrangements, find the best options, and present your findings but ONLY when your loved one makes it clear that they want help.
Note: Some of the best professionals are out of state, so make arrangements accordingly. Call airport car service Miami, find a hotel prior to your visits, and memorize the numbers for medical and emergency services in the area.

Know the Difference Between Being Loving or Understanding and Enabling Addictive Behavior
Handing a drug addict a few dollars and knowing that it will go to buy drugs is enabling behavior. The same applies to taking an alcoholic to a liquor store, or any other addiction-feeding behaviors that you could assist an addict with. You can be loving and understanding without enabling the person that you’re attempting to love and understand.

Struggling with Addiction

Sometimes the Best Avenue for Support is Asking What Your Loved One Needs that Will Help

Addiction changes someone’s brain chemistry. Hence, the reason why many addicts will say hurtful things or become manipulative to get what they want from loved ones. Other times, addicts will have had enough and want to seek help, but they don’t know how to ask for it. This is where your support is appreciated the most. Ask them, specifically, what you can do to help them overcome their struggles with whatever addiction keeps them chained.

Physical Affections, like Hugs, High-Fives, and Cuddles, Can Be Healing for a Moment

Addiction to anything can make you want to curl into a ball and refuse to face the world alone. This is when physical affection from a loved one, i.e. cuddles, hugs, and even high-fives, could make someone’s day a little brighter. It’s the feeling of contact and connection that has the ability to break through the gray of addiction and lead someone into the sunshine. If only for a moment.

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