Ford Mustang : Things We Know

The Ford Mustang has been one of the most highly awaited car launches in India this year. This muscle car from the American auto giant has been a dream of many Indian auto enthusiasts, and their long wait is finally going to end this month itself. After long speculations, Ford India has finally spilled the beans on the car’s actual launch date in the country’s domestic car market. The world’s favourite steed on four wheels is finally coming to India on 13th of July, 2016.

Ford Mustang

The American car major however, will only bring in the top-notch ‘GT’ model trim in India, aimed at the growing number of auto enthusiasts in the country, who really don’t mind spending a little fortune for a trophy car. The Ford Mustang has been an iconic car in America, where it is known as a pony car. Along with its heritage of around fifty years, the Ford Mustang also has a huge fan following in the world including India, which is on the rise. As the league of the sporty cars has been increasing in the modern Indian Auto Industry, Ford has decided to bring in its popular pony into the equation in order to make the race of muscle cars in India more interesting.

Here are the things we know about the Ford Mustang GT so far:

Exterior Styling

The 2016 Ford Mustang is not only a performance oriented car, but a looker as well. It has a striking balance of new stunning and aggressive styling and hints of classic styling that speak of its heritage belonging to its predecessors. The front face of the pony car is really aggressively styled with sleek and stylized headlights, a new hexagonal front radiator grille that can be seen in the latest Ford family of cars, a falling nose and a curvy lower bumper design along with a lower splitter. The sporty quotient of the car is enhanced with its long muscular hood design. The side profile of the car is also bold with two parallel running shoulder lines that seems to have been carried over from the classic Mustang model back in the 70’s. The Mustang features a sloping roofline which goes to meet its sculpted rear design. At the back, the muscle car gets muscular rear bumper, an integrated boot spoiler, the tail lights with the three distinct light slats and a piano black appliqué. The car’s aggressive stance is highlighted with a lot of black trims all over the exterior of the car which makes it look sportier. There are black side skirts, black coloured alloy wheels and black coloured rear diffuser.

Ford Mustang Rear


The Ford Mustang comes with a neat, simple yet classy cabin design which is also reminiscent of a classic Mustang. The cockpit is of course driver centric and has a smart layout along with premium quality materials. The cabin is wrapped in premium leather, while the retro styling of the cabin camouflages all the latest technologies that the car actually offers. There are all sorts of modern creature comfort and convenience features that one can expect in an iconic car like Mustang. This includes touch screen SYNC infotainment system for all in-car entertainment and connectivity. The car offers a host of aircraft inspired toggle switches and pushbutton start/stop, a stumpy steering wheel on which mounts all the crucial controls.

This sporty and luxurious two-door coupe offers well supported and comfy premium bucket seats and two rear seats. Nonetheless, the rear of this racer is not really roomy and comfort for adult rear passengers is doubtful. However, the car does offer a boot space that is usable unlike the other cars in the same category which usually give a miss to cargo space.


In the European markets, the Mustang is offered with 3 engine choices, namely – a 2.3 litre EcoBoost motor, a 3.7 litre V6 engine and the most powerful of the lot, a 5.0 litre V8 mill for the top of the range trim. As Ford India has already confirmed that only the top-end Mustang GT will come our way, in India there will be only the 5.0 litre engine. This naturally aspirated power monster of an engine will pump out a max power of 401 PS and a massive 515 Nm of top torque. However, it is strange that the India-bound Mustang GT will be slightly less powerful than its siblings in the US or the UK. This might be because of India’s low availability of high-performance fuel, or Ford India is being over cautious, the reason is really unclear.

Ford Mustang

Anyways, the engine is coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission gearbox and there will be no manual transmission option for India either. There are also four different driving modes to suit various driving conditions, namely – Normal, Track, Snow/Wet, and Sport.


Ford has launched an independent rear suspension system in a Mustang for the very first time with this latest generation model of the car. This means that the latest generation Mustang is more comfortable to drive as well as more stable than all the previous generation Mustang models which were endowed with fixed beam axle suspension. This also makes the car more agile while navigating sharp turns, curvy and twisty roads. Ford is also likely to offer the performance pack within the standard equipment list that will mean even better all-round performance.


While the Ford Mustang is a dream car for many car lovers in India, its market success will really depend on how practically Ford can price it. The range topping Ford Mustang GT trim is priced at around $36,000 dollars (approximately Rs. 25 lakhs), which sounds really exciting. However, the bad news is that the Mustang will come as a fully imported car in India via the CBU route which will make it much more expensive, thanks to the hefty import duties. Thus, considering the 150 – 200 percent increase in the original price tag, the new Mustang should come our way at around Rs. 60 lakhs. Nevertheless, this should not deter the Mustang fans in India with deep pockets.

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