Essential Tips for Solo Back packers travelling to India

India is a land of majestic charm. They say you would fall in love with the country as soon as you set your foot on it; a lot of foreign travelers who have travelled across India would bear testimonial to that fact. There is no other country in the world that is as diverse as India. Not only does the landscape change as you travel from city to the other but also the outlook of the people, their language, their dressing sense, their values, beliefs and their culture are so entirely different. Not to mention, the flora and fauna too rich and diverse. Well, as charming and magical the land of India seem to be, it is not very easy to go solo backpacking here, and you may have many obstacles. Here are a few tips to deal with them:

Book your ticket in advance

For some reason the trains and buses in India are always full, no matter if it is a peak season or not. It is therefore advisable to book your travel tickets well in advance before the date you wish to travel. There are plenty of online sites like Abhibus that lets you get your bus bookings easily, take advantage of these sites. Besides, you can also look for Abhibus coupon codes that you can redeem to get attractive discount on your bus bookings. The money saved can be used for your other travelling purposes.

Solo Back packers travelling

Get along with the locals

While it is quite understandable that you would feel apprehensive to talk to the random strangers, it is important that you try and blend with the locals. Speaking to the locals would provide you an insight of the local culture and values that no travel books or guides would give you. Be courteous to the local men and women and they would reciprocate in a way you would have least expected. They would go out of their way to help you and make you feel comfortable.

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Don’t show your fear on the face

If you find yourself in a place that is too overwhelming and uncomfortable make sure that you don’t show your fear on the face. Try to be calm and composed. In such situations it is best advised to trust your own instincts and do what you think is the best. Simply by faking confidence and showing you know it all looks you can easily make your way out of the troubles.

Always remember there is a fine line between adventure and stupidity

While you are out backpacking solo, you are on the lookout for some raw adventure but at the same time keep in mind safety, it is important too. Use your own judgment to draw a line between adventure and stupidity. Make sure that you don’t play it too safe and at the same time don’t go overboard in taking risks.

Don’t just stick to the plan

Most people would say having a well-planned itinerary is good, well of course it is but if you are a raw adventure junkie then it is ok to take a de-route from the plan and do random things. It would not only be more fun and exciting but also would make your trip more memorable.

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