Emergency Planning for Residential Facilities

Everyone should have an emergency plan. You don’t wait until an actual emergency to figure out what to do because chances are you won’t be able to think clearly. Emergency plans are especially important for residential facilities because there will be a large number of people to manage. Here are some ideas about how to improve emergency planning for large groups of people who live in close proximity.

College Dormitories

Several hundred students can live inside a single dormitory. They’re also generally young and for many students, it will be their first experience living away from home. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, but their probability increases with these factors to take into consideration. These days you must incorporate emergency text messages. Communities may use services such as Reverse 911, but if you’re not there yet you can assign one person from each floor to create a text distribution list for emergencies only. Residential advisers will only need to text one person on each floor to get a message chain started.

Emergency Planning for Residential Facilities

Senior Residential Communities

Emergency plans are the most critical for vulnerable populations like senior citizens who may need a great deal of assistance in an emergency. If you manage one of these facilities you want to take your time to develop a comprehensive plan that includes back up plans if needed. Technology has changed dramatically in the last few years and there are now senior housing crisis communication tools that haven’t been available until now. You’ll want to make sure to explore all of your possible options.

Conference Centers

Residential conference centers need to make sure they have a simple yet effective plan because their residents can change weekly. You’ll want to make sure you cover basic emergency information in mandatory group orientations. You should also have plans available in all rooms.
Planning takes time and effort, but in emergency situations it literally save lives.

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