Effective Supply, Quality Management System

A Supplier auditing is essential for every industry to maintain an effective supply quality management (SQM). The procedure for auditing a supplier differs with the industry type. This can be a company following the ISO 9001:2015. Your agenda to conduct a suppliers audit will be different. Why supplier audits are important is discussed in this article. This includes supplier audit process, supplier site visit report, and raw material supplier audit, ISO 9001:2015 supplier evaluation and vendor audit. These are SQM, which you must carry with a trusted third-party audit company.

Benefits of Suppliers Audit


Your final products are totally depended on your supplier’s quality. A frequent suppliers audit will make sure they are able to deliver the quality raw materials you need in the production process. A third-party audit is the best to carry to meet your SQM standards.

Auditing New Vendors

There will be many suppliers for your company. It will be hard to maintain your quality when any new vendors come in. It is advisable to do a proper supplier audit and entertain a new vendor to maintain your quality.

Identify Risk

A frequent supplier audit will make you sure they can supply the raw materials on time or not. A timely conducting audit by a third party agency will help you to find the potential risk with your vendor. This can be of logistics, process and due to labor.

Suppliers Communication

The periodic third-party audits will bring better communication with your suppliers. This is healthy for both the parties to be in business with a good will. Supplier audits will check they are able to deliver the raw materials on time.

Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

You must sign a mutual contract to agree accepts and deliver the raw materials with your supplier. If they are found defective, you can recover COPQ with your supplier. Conducting periodic third-party suppliers audit will enable to find such potential risks. You can find them and tell them to maintain the quality standards as accepted by your supplier. You can also suggest improvement if any.

Customer Satisfaction

The end stage of your products is a sale to the end customer. They must be satisfied with your product. For this, your supply chain must be with quality. All your suppliers count and a proper supplier audit will ensure to meet such quality standards in your production.

The supplier auditing is compliance, which any industry must follow in this modern world. There are many third-party audit agencies to do this in a professional way. You can hire them on a contract basis for a long time. They are affordable and give you the supplier audit report. You can check them and decide on your suppliers SQM meets your set quality standards with them. The non-compliance of this audit procedure may bring you losses due to poor quality. This will hinder your business. A frequent or periodic suppliers audit is healthy for both the parties. You will also make sure you are following the company SQM policy.

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