Do You Need Witnesses in a Divorce Case?

There are many resources and methods that you can use to build a case around your character. Character witnesses are beneficial in a child custody case. It can be difficult to choose a reliable character witness, especially when you don’t know what role they play in a divorce case.

Witnesses in a Divorce Case

What is a Character Witness?

A character witness can testify about your moral character, personal qualities, and other responsibilities. These witnesses should know the party extremely well to take the stand in a court of law. It is your attorney’s responsibility to ask the witness any questions before the court date.

Why is a Witness Important for Your Case?

Anyone who is going through a child custody case, divorce, or family law issue can benefit from character witnesses. These witnesses become necessary if your personal character is called into question. Any case involving children can benefit from witnesses testifying that you are a good parent. If you are working towards a settlement or have an amicable divorce, you may not need any witnesses.

How to Choose Your Witnesses

Family members are usually not allowed to be called as witnesses. It is recommended to ask a colleague or trusted friend to take the stand on your behalf. You want to choose someone that is close to you. They will be able to give an accurate account of your character. In some cases, a witness may be used for both sides. A babysitter can use their first-hand experience about the abilities of each parent. If the couple owned a business together, a partner can explain which person was more active in the daily activities of the business.

Many divorce cases can have their own particular set of problems and issues. It is the responsibility of your attorney to advise you whether witnesses will need to testify. A Tampa divorce lawyer can evaluate your certain situation. These attorneys can determine the best legal method that can protect your interests in a divorce case.

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